How to Increase Cargo Hold Capacity in Starfield

Here's how you can increase the Cargo Hold capacity for your ship in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
Starfield Ship Cargo
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Inventory management is a massive part of all Bethesda RPGs, and Starfield is no different. There are a lot of items to find in the game, and your character can only hold a certain amount. Luckily, your ship has a cargo mechanic where you can store wanted goods for future use. Still, cargo space is limited at the start. This guide will explain how to increase cargo hold capacity in Starfield.

Can You Increase Cargo Hold Capacity in Starfield?

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There are a few ways to increase your ship’s cargo capacity in Starfield. The first and easiest way is to invest skill points into Payload Skill from the Tech section of the Skill Tree. Each time you put a point into Payload, the amount of cargo you can carry on your ship will increase. Keep in mind that you must spend four skill points in the first row of Tech to start investing in Payload.

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Another way you can increase your ship’s cargo hold capacity in Starfield is by purchasing a better ship. In any major city, you will find a Ship Technician who sells ships for credits. While browsing available ships at these stores, you can check the ship’s Cargo Capacity. More likely than not, you will find one with a higher capacity than you currently have. I recommend going to Akila City to purchase a new ship, where they have a few with a very high cargo hold capacity.

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Lastly, you can increase your ship’s cargo hold capacity by heading into Ship Builder and adding a larger Cargo piece. To do this, you must place it somewhere on the ship that doesn’t cause an error message to pop up. You can get more ship parts by visiting various vendors across the planets and completing specific missions and side quests.

Where to Find the Cargo Hold on Ships

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It took me a while to find my cargo on my ship, so if you’re having the same trouble, look no further. The cargo is next to the Captain’s Locker and has a blue screen that can be hard to miss. This will be similar on all ships you purchase unless you arrange it otherwise in the Ship Builder.

- This article was updated on September 2nd, 2023

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