How to Increase Friendship Level in Dragon Ball Legends

Befriend your allies and reap the rewards in Dragon Ball Legends!

by Marc Magrini
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Fans of the ever-popular Dragon Ball franchise are surely aware of how friendly its protagonist — Goku — is to his allies. It’s possible to recreate that kindness as a player of Dragon Ball Legends thanks to the “friendship” system. This system allows players to take full advantage of their fighters, from increasing their strength to using their special abilities in Shallot’s customization. It’s imperative for nearly everyone starting out in Dragon Ball Legends to know the best ways to increase Friendship Level and Friendship Rank.

The Best Ways to Increase Friendship Level and Rank in Dragon Ball Legends

Though the primary way to increase Friendship Level is through playing Story and Event battles, the absolute best method is through the “Let’s Fight!” Event battles found under the Upgrade tab. Each of these battles will yield a massive number of Friendship Points, allowing you to receive Chrono Crystals and other friendship-based rewards in record time. These fights can be repeated daily, so don’t neglect to check them out whenever you log in!

If you’ve already finished the “Let’s Fight!” battles, there are other events that can help you out. Certain time-limited battles have come and gone, with their Bonus Battles offering more friendship points than most others. You can also simply go through the story with characters you want to improve the friendship of, but this can prove to be especially time-consuming. Try out each fight you haven’t done yet, but if you’re still having a tough time raising Friendship Levels, simply stick to the “Let’s Fight!” battles.

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Raising friendship for specific characters can be especially helpful thanks to Shallot. As the only customizable character in the game, he can make use of multiple different special moves depending on how high a certain fighter’s Friendship Rank is. This becomes even more useful when considering his recently-released Sparking form, so you won’t want to miss out on those. Create a party that has your most-wanted special moves and raise their Friendship Rank as high as possible!

- This article was updated on July 20th, 2023

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