How to Increase Karakuri Thread Amount in Wild Hearts

Build more during your hunts!

by Christian Bognar
How to Increase Thread in Wild Hearts

Are you looking to increase your thread amount in Wild Hearts? Having a larger amount of Karakuri threads will allow you to build more Karakuri during hunts, giving you a better chance of success. Also, having a larger thread will make it so you don’t have to go scavenging for materials as often to build Dragon Karakuri for quick travel across the map. If you are interested, we will inform you of everything you need to know regarding increasing your thread amount.

How to Carry More Thread in Wild Hearts

To increase the Karakuri thread, you must collect Tsukumo found in the wilderness. These little robot orb-like creatures are your partners during the hunt that can help heal you, deal damage to the Kemono, and, most importantly, increase your Threads Held amount. They are scattered all across every region, and the more you find, the more of an opportunity you get to increase the amount of thread you can have in your inventory.

How to find Tsukumo


The best way to find Tsukumo is by unlocking the “Hunting Tower: Deep Probe” slot in your Karakuri skill tree. Unlocking this skill will allow you to use Hunting Towers to track Tsukomo nearby. Once you unlock this ability and activate the Hunting Tower, you will see a bunch of question marks on your map, which are Tsukumos. You can then gather a bunch of Tsukumo to return to your campfire and upgrade your Tsukumo Threader Form.

You can tell how many Tsukumo you need for the next level under the Enhance Tsukumo option at the campfire. Scroll down to Threader Form, and the game will tell you the required amount of Cogs you need to go out and find. This menu will also tell you your reward at the bottom of the screen. Remember that sometimes you need to level up Threader Form more than once to increase the amount of thread you can hold, so be patient. Not only will collecting Tsukumo help increase your Threader Form, but it will also allow you to increase the Tsukumo’s attack, defense, and assist.

Wild Hearts is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC