How to Increase the Virgo Multiplier in Lords of the Fallen

Use this guide to learn how to increase the Virgo Multiplier in Lords of the Fallen.

by Christian Bognar
Lords of the Fallen Virgo Multiplier Explained
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Lords of the Fallen experience points are called Virgo, used to purchase items and upgrade your character. As you progress through the game, enemies become more challenging, requiring you to farm for Virgo to reach higher levels. This is where the multiplier comes in, a handy tool that allows you to gather experience points much faster. This guide will cover increasing the Virgo multiplier in Lords of the Fallen.

Ways to Raise the Virgo Multiplier in Lords of the Fallen

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

There are two ways to increase the Virgo Multiplier in Lords of the Fallen. First, players can find accessories such as rings and pendants to increase the amount of Virgo acquired. Or two, players can enter the Umbral Realm, increasing the Virgo Multiplier. The longer a player stays in Umbral, the more the multiplier will increase.

Players will start in the Umbral Realm at a 1.10x Virgo for the multiplier, and it will gradually increase as you stay in the realm for extended periods. The starting number can be even larger if you equip the right accessories. For example, equipping the Moth Ring will cause the standard Virgo acquisition to be at 1.10x in Axiom and 1.20x in Umbral.

This is the best way to farm Virgo and level up quickly in Lords of the Fallen. I recommend going to the Forsaken Fen Vestige, entering Umbral, and killing all the enemies in that area. Using this method, I was able to level up about ten times at level 50 and reach level 60 in about an hour.

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What is the Highest Number the Virgo Multiplier Can Reach?

It has yet to be determined the highest the Virgo multiplier can reach while in Umbral. The highest amount I have reached is 2.00, doubling all the Virgo I acquired. If the multiplier is anything like in the original game of 2014, then the maximum is 2.00. Still, there has been no confirmation on this just yet.

Remember, the longer you stay in Umbral, the harder the enemies will become. The good news is that once you die, you can pick up your Virgo from where you die, making farming with the multiplier even easier!

- This article was updated on October 13th, 2023

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