How to Open Doors From the Ship With the Terminal in Lethal Company

Here's how you can open doors from your ship in Lethal Company.

by Christian Bognar
Lethal Company Locked Door
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Lethal Company doesn’t tell the player everything they need to know to make their adventure easier, for example, unlocking secured doors. This guide will explain how to open secured doors from your ship in Lethal Company to help you progress further into your playthrough.

Opening Secured Doors From the Ship Terminal in Lethal Company

Image: Zeekerss

Opening secured doors from your ship in Lethal Company boils down to teamwork and working with other players on the same server. When you encounter a secured door, you will need one player on the ship and another player at the door that you wish to unlock.

Once you have each player in the appropriate spot, head to the Terminal on the ship and interact with it by pressing E on the keyboard. Next, follow the steps below to open the secured door officially.

  1. Type in “Other.”
  2. Type in the “View Monitor” command.
  3. Next, type in “Switch” as a command.
  4. Type in the player’s username who is at the door you want to open.
  5. Doing so will cause letters to appear on the Terminal Screen.

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Once you see the green letters appear on the Terminal screen, type in the same letters in the Terminal. For example, if C4 appears on the screen, you would type “C4” into the Terminal. Once you do this, the door will unlock, officially allowing you to progress into the next room. You will know you are successful with this when the Terminal reads “Broadcasted special code.”

Players can then reenter the same letters into the Terminal if they wish to close the door, which is very helpful in preventing monsters and enemies from following you.

Now that you understand the process of how to unlock secured doors from your ship, exploring the moons in Lethal Company becomes much more manageable. Just remember always to have someone willing to head back to the ship and another player to remain at the door! This will allow you to open any secured door you may come in contact with.

- This article was updated on November 20th, 2023

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