How to Reset Passives in Last Epoch

Lumped with a bad skill?

by Kara Phillips
Image: Eleventh Hour Games

Picking the right skills in Last Epoch feels like a risk for a player who doesn’t know exactly what they do. You can occasionally be lumped with something you don’t get on very well with, which can become detrimental to your performance and ability during gameplay. However, these mistakes are more common than you think, and luckily there are ways you can prevent being stuck with poor skills.

Resetting passives in Last Epoch is perfect for any player who has found themselves with points in places they regret, and it’s a small amount of flexibility to retrace your steps and perfect your playstyle, even if the process of resetting any trees is slightly finicky to follow. So if you’re looking to re-spend some points, read on to find out where you can reset your trees.

Can You Reset Passives in Last Epoch?

The key to resetting passive skill trees in Last Epoch is by locating the NPC with the pink brain icon above their head. This is the only character who can reset your points, but there are a few things to note. First, you can only alter one point at a time, and you cannot break any dependencies. So, if you’re far enough into skill trees to have points invested in masteries, you won’t be able to change any part of the base tree.

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The same can be said for any skills that require certain mastery levels. Unfortunately, if you have skills that rely on one another, you won’t be able to alter any of the points you’ve invested into them, and you will have to put up with the accompanying skill and ability.

So while it’s frustrating that you can’t reset every point you invest in making sure you’re making the most of the available abilities, it does help you to think about the decisions you’re making since you may be locked in sooner than you think.

- This article was updated on March 13th, 2023