Last Epoch: How to Unlock Mastery

Become a jack of all trades!

by Kara Phillips
Image: Eleventh Hour Games

One of the charms of Last Epoch is unlocking new skills and abilities as you progress through areas, take down enemies, and unlock new gear. You’ll develop a playstyle that suits you and your character to ensure you’ve got what it takes to keep going, and you’ll become reliant on new skills and improving your current setup to match the strength of the opposition.

But, to continue being as skillful as you must to keep up with the opponents you’ll face in Last Epoch, you’ll need to learn how to master your skills, and unfortunately, the game doesn’t exactly hold your hand to show you which quest will help you achieve this. So, to unlock mastery, read on to discover where exactly you should head.

When Do You Unlock Mastery in Last Epoch?

To unlock Mastery in Last Epoch, you’ll need to spend 20 points in your base class skill tree first. This won’t come straight away, so you’ll need to spend a decent amount of time playing and refining your skills to earn points to spend, but if you want to speed your way to unlocking mastery, the best place to cash in is your base class tree.

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After this, you’ll need to reach the end of Chapter 4 after the End of Time quest and speak to the Forgotten Knight at the end of the quest or Elder Gaspar if the Forgotten Knight doesn’t offer the quest straight away. After that, you will unlock the Power of Mastery quest, which is your gateway to unlocking skill mastery and a realm of more powerful abilities.

Once you’ve completed both quests and spent the appropriate amount of points in your base skill tree, your base skill tree will have a button labeled “unlock masteries,” which will unlock mastery trees once selected. From here, you’ll be able to earn your way through various more powerful abilities and, in turn, a better build for your character.

- This article was updated on March 13th, 2023