How to Respec in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Want to know how to respec your character in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

by Drew Kopp
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an asymmetrical survival horror multiplayer game that allows players to use experience points accumulated during gameplay to upgrade their preferred Family member or Victim. As a game that encourages players to learn from their mistakes and experiment with new strategies, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre would be remised if it didn’t give players a chance to reset their preferred character’s stats. Here’s how to respec characters in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

How to Respec Your Character in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The ten playable characters in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are highly customizable, and players can use the experience points they gain during matches to allocate into a surprisingly-robust skill tree. Progressing in this skill tree unlocks new passive perks and upgrade points that can be used to improve a character’s primary stats, allowing a player to create customer character load-outs that complement their preferred playstyle.

Should players release that the skills they’ve invested experience points into aren’t helping them win matches, they don’t need to worry. You can easily respec any character by pressing a designated button on the character customization screen. For PC gamers like myself, this would be the R key. Once you’ve confirmed you want to respect, the character’s skill tree will be reset, and all of the experience points invested into it will be refunded.

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The ability to reset and re-allocate skill points is a helpful feature in any role-playing game. Still, it’s beneficial in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre because every character’s skill trees regularly force you to proceed down one particular branch. Whichever branch you don’t pick will be locked off until you respec, so you can’t fill out a character’s skill tree entirely and will have to focus on branches that contain perks that complement your preferred way to play.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre boasts a vast collection of varied gameplay mechanics that encourage players to get outside of their comfort zone and explore every avenue of assault and escape available to them. By including the option to respec any character at any time with the push of a button, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre offers players a degree of freedom that will make them want to stay on the Slaughter property for quite some time.

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