How to Sell Items in Bear and Breakfast

Find out if you can shift your excess items

by Kara Phillips


Due to the distinct gathering elements within Bear & Breakfast, players are bound to fill their pockets with the forageables from the forest. But inventory space gets pretty limited once you’ve started gathering, and you can’t keep everything on your character at all times. This has left a lot of players questioning how they can shift their additional items and if they can make some coins while doing so.

Can You Sell Items in Bear & Breakfast?

Unfortunately, there are currently no mechanics in place to allow players to sell items in Bear & Breakfast. Unlike games like Stardew Valley, once an item is purchased or picked up, it’ll have to stay on the player until an alternative storage solution is found or until it’s used as part of a quest or craft. Annoyingly, if you buy the wrong item, there are no ways to sell the item back to the shop.

As a result, one of the only ways to clear storage space within the game is to store unwanted or duplicate items in Fuel Chests, Refrigerators, and various other containers. Of course, this is a massive inconvenience for any bear who’s a little strapped for cash and could do with flogging a few unwanted items. But the feature is yet to be included — though it’ll make players’ lives a lot easier if and when it is.

The best location to store unwanted items is within the Bear Stash, located at the back of the Pawn Voyage Truck. From here, you can store a considerable number of unwanted items and pieces of old furniture to make way for the new upgrades to your bed and breakfast. Though if you’re an avid collector and run out of storage space, there’s always the option to discard unwanted items.

Bear & Breakfast is available on PC and is soon to release on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on September 14th, 2022

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