How to Sell Stolen Ships in Starfield

Learn how to sell ships in Starfield for a large amount of credits.

by Christian Bognar
How to Sell Ships in Starfield
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Starfield is a game about freedom through customization options, intriguing side quests, and full-on exploration. The game also allows players to role-play a large amount, and an excellent example of this is becoming a space pirate and stealing ships. These stolen ships can then be sold for a large amount of credits. This guide will explain how to sell stolen ships in Starfield.

Can You Sell Stolen Ships in Starfield?

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Players can sell stolen ships in Starfield by visiting any Ship Technician, usually found by the spaceport in any major city. After stealing the ship, you must first register the ship, which you can do by speaking to the Ship Technician and selecting the option “Let me see what you have for sale.” Here, you can choose the stolen ship and then select “register ship,” where the button prompt appears at the bottom of the screen.

After registering the stolen ship, press the sell button (Y on Xbox). The price you will receive for the stolen ship will show on the bottom left-hand side of the screen, letting you know if it’s worth it. If you like the selling price, hit confirm.

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How to Steal Ships in Starfield

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Players can steal ships in Starfield by engaging in space combat and destroying the enemy ship’s engines. You must specifically aim for the engines; otherwise, the ship will blow up and be destroyed for good. You can easily aim for the engines specifically by unlocking the Targeting Control System perk in the Tech skill tree.

After destroying the engines of the ship:

  1. Fly towards it and get within 500 meters.
  2. Select the dock option and board the plane.
  3. Once inside, kill all the hostile enemies, sit in the cockpit, and fly the ship to the nearest spaceport.

It is now your ship, which you can use for your purposes or sell to a Ship Technician. If you board a ship and the game won’t allow you to sit in the cockpit, your Piloting skill needs to be higher. Raising the Piloting skill will allow you to pilot higher ranking ships such as C Tier and B Tier.

- This article was updated on September 19th, 2023

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