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How to Set Up Kodi on Xbox One to Watch Movies and TV Shows

by William Schwartz


Kodi has recently released on the Xbox One.  If you’re unfamiliar with the application, it’s been available on PC, Mac, and other platforms for quite some time.  The application is essentially something that allows you to access all of your digital and audio content in one place, something similar to the old Windows Media Center, but it’s also built a reputation for hosting pirated movie, television, and sports content via streams.

How to download Kodi for Xbox One

Getting Kodi on the Xbox One is now a very simple process.  You just need to go to the Xbox Store and use the search feature for the term “Kodi” and the newest version will be available for you to download and use as an application on the console.

How to install any repository on Kodi for Xbox One

There are many different repositories available on Kodi for the Xbox One.  Installing them is not a streamlined process.

  • Step 1:  On the main page of Kodi you’ll see a gear icon highlight that and press A which will bring you to System Page.
  • Step 2: Once in the System page press A on File Manager
  • Step 3: Go down to where it says Add Source and press A to proceed.
  • Step 4: Press A on “None.” This will bring up an area where you can input the URL for the repository
  • Step 5: Enter the URL for the repository that you want to add to Kodi
  • Step 6: Name the media source and then Press A on OK.
  • Step 7: Head back out to the System page and press A on Add Ons.
  • Step 8:  Select Install from Zip File and then select the name of the Repo you just added.  If successful a pop-up in the right corner of the screen will show you that the repo has been installed.
  • Step 9: On the add-ons page select Install from Repository and select whatever type of add-on you want to add to Kodi  (Video, Program, Music, etc.)

Potential problems

To access some things on Kodi you may need to enable Unknown Sources.  This can be done in the Settings section of the System Menu.  Press the Gear Icon again which will bring you to the System menu.  Press A on System, Scroll down to Add-Ons and enable “Unknown Sources.”

Accessing your the Add-On

Once an Add-On is successfully added to Kodi you can access it from Kodi’s main page by scrolling to add-ons where a list of available add-ons that you’ve installed to Kodi will be available.

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