How to sign up for the FANGS alpha playtest

See how to play this upcoming MOBA early

by Caleb Stultz


MOBA gamers, unite! Once again, there is a new MOBA game available to take on with the team of Hidden Leaf Games of the latest game. This upcoming title should be on your radar as the team is looking for playtesters right now to help in the alpha stages of the FANGS. If you want to make sure you get a spot with a code that Hidden Leaf Games said there would be plenty of, be sure to read on to figure out how to snag a spot in the FANGS alpha playtest. Here is how to sign up for the FANGS alpha playtest.

How to sign up for the FANGS alpha playtest


Hidden Leaf Games have said little about what the actual playtest will have in store or what characters will be available for use. However, we know it will take place between Aug. 19 and Sep. 2, or over the course of two weeks. The company is actively looking for testers to help build out the game and is offering Steam keys to those who do playtest so that they can give the keys to their friends to play as well.

Signing up for FANGS alpha playtest is relatively simple. All you need to do is head over to the official FANGS alpha playtest website and fill out the form with your information. By filling out your information, you are signing up for the newsletter for FANGS. There is also a link to the FANGS Discord server, which has been the main source to give feedback on the game.

During the signup process, players will need to give the following information:

  • Age range
  • Region info
  • Their previous experience with MOBA and arena brawler games

This information will mainly be used to get a sense of who is playing their game so they know which demographics to target. Filling out the form to get started on the FANGS alpha playtest takes about 2 minutes.

FANGS will be available for an alpha playtest on Aug. 19 through Sep. 2 on PC.

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