How to Start Yukari’s Social Link in Persona 3 Portable

Here's how to hang out with Yukari.

by Diego Perez

There’s a great cast of characters for you to form social links with in Persona 3 Portable, but your classmate Yukari Takeba is one of the most interesting people to hang out with in the entire game. Not only is she a core member of SEES and a main character in the story, but she’s also got a great story unique to her social link as well. Unfortunately, starting her social link isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Here’s how to hang out with Yukari and start her social link in Persona 3 Portable.

How to Start Yukari’s Social Link in Persona 3 Portable

Like many of the social links in Persona 3 Portable, Yukari’s social link is time-gated. You can’t hang out with her until July 24th when you get back from the trip to Yakushima. Some significant plot developments occur on this trip that force Yukari to open up to you and SEES, leading to the beginning of her social link story.

Anytime after that date, you can find Yukari in your classroom after school on Mondays, Wednesd ays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. If you’re playing as the male protagonist, you’ll need to have the highest level of Charm (Charismatic) in order to begin her social link. The female protagonist does not have any Charm requirements, making Yukari’s social link much less of a grind for her.

Yukari’s Arcana is the Lovers, which is home to plenty of powerful personas that can be fused in the Velvet Room. Maxing out Yukari’s social link will also allow you to fuse Cybele, the ultimate persona of the Lovers Arcana. Speaking of Lovers, keep in mind that Persona 3 does not allow you to reach the max rank of a female social link without romancing them if you’re playing as the male protagonist. To reach rank 10 with Yukari as a guy, you’re going to have to put a ring on it.

Persona 3 Portable is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.