How to Stop Air Pollution in Cities: Skylines 2

I said we're downwind of the sewage treatment plant!

by J.R. Waugh
How to Stop Air Pollution in Cities Skylines 2
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When building a new metropolis, try not to live out the Great Smog of the 20th century. Air pollution is a real problem for citizens in Cities: Skylines 2, and if you are hoping aid is on the way, it’s best not to hold your breath, and take matters into your hands.

Combatting air pollution in CS2 isn’t too bad, since it’s arguably an easier process to catch and identify than water pollution. That being said, when you understand its prevention, you can get a much better feel for the game’s flow, and how you build your city.

Cities Skylines 2 Air Pollution Guide: How to Stop and Prevent Air Pollutants

Heavy industry zones and certain power plants like coal plants will generate high air pollution, so don’t build residential zones downwind of these to prevent air pollution in Cities: Skylines 2. When you’re building these types of buildings, you’ll see arrows appear on the terrain as you’re selecting your zones.

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The idea is to put polluters on the edges of town where pollution can be directed downwind and away from civilians.

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How to Spot Air Pollutants in CS2

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If you’re ever wanting to check your wind direction and what direction any potential pollutants, you can toggle Info Views (click the ‘i’ symbol on the top-left) or hit the left stick+Y button. Once you’ve got this menu open, go to the bottom-left where you’ll be able to select Air Pollution, where you can see the wind direction as well as sources.

What Can You Do About Air Pollution Once You Find It?

Typically, your best move is to move the offending source to a better location or stop expanding residences into industrial districts. If you leave air pollution unaddressed, you’ll tank your city’s happiness, the illness will rise, and people will leave, so nip these problems in the bud when you can, bulldozing sources until you can find a better place in some instances.

From my experience watching How I Met Your Mother, no matter how much you push the trendy names, Dowisetrepla loses all its mystique once you realize it’s a neighborhood named for being Downwind of the Sewage Treatment Plant.

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