How to Trade Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Here's how to trade cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened so you can complete your perfect deck!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering how to Trade Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened? Trading cards can help you acquire a specific card you lack or obtain additional copies of a card to upgrade your preferred spell. Harry Potter Magic Awakened distinguishes itself from other card games by allowing you to trade cards instead of destroying them for in-game currency. This unique feature eliminates the need to use in-game currency to craft the cards you require, making the gameplay experience even more magical.

Can You Trade Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened?

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Yes, you can trade cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, but only if you are in a Social Club and with other wizards in the same Social Club. In addition, you need to have a necessary Trade Token for the card rarity you will trade for. Finally, any cards you put up for trade will be locked and can’t be used until you cancel the trade, so ensure you are ready to lose access to them!

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As a Social Club member, you can access Trade Cards through the Social Club interface. This feature allows you to view and send Trade Requests to other members. If you wish to trade Cards with someone, select the Card you want and choose 1 to 6 Cards of the same rarity that you’re willing to trade. It’s important to note that only one Card will be chosen, and you cannot trade a Card that has already reached its maximum level. Additionally, each trade requires a Trade Token of the same rarity.

You have the option to initiate up to 50 trade requests simultaneously. The Trade Tokens and relevant Cards will be momentarily locked during the request process. Once the transaction is finalized, unused Cards will be returned to your Spellbook. However, if a max-level Card is chosen, an equivalent amount of Bewitched Sand will be locked instead.

Please note that trade requests will expire in seven days if left unanswered. All locked Cards, Bewitched Sand, and Trade Tokens will be refunded to you in such cases. You can cancel any trade requests at any time, and in such cases, your locked Cards, Bewitched Sand, and Trade Tokens will be returned to you.

How to Get Trade Tokens in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

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You can earn Trade Tokens by purchasing them with Club Crest currency, which can be earned by completing Club Adventures. However, you can only earn 700 Club Crest currency in a week. You can then purchase a Trade Token from the Card Trade screen by pressing the plus icon next to the rarity type you need.

Here is the cost of each rarity Trade Token:

  • Common Trade Token: 10 Club Crest
  • Rare Trade Token: 30 Club Crest
  • Epic Trade Token: 500 Club Crest

Note: You can only earn a Legendary Trade Token by obtaining it from a Club Adventure.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You can also earn Trade Tokens in the free Magic Pass and the paid Deluxe Magic Pass. However, you cannot earn an Epic rarity Trade Token on the free track but can earn plenty of Common and Rare. There is no Legendary rarity Trade Token to be earned on either of the tracks.

- This article was updated on June 27th, 2023

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