How to Treat Contusions in Starfield

Here's how to treat Contusions in Starfield, regardless of where in the universe you find yourself!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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There are many Afflictions your character can suffer from in Starfield due to receiving an injury caused by risky activities like falling from a great height or infections caused by being exposed to biohazardous materials. One such Affliction is a Contusion, which can cause issues with your character’s health. If your Contusion has a Poor prognosis, it won’t heal on its own, meaning you will need to use an Aid item or seek help from a doctor. Here’s how to treat Contusions in Starfield so you are back to your usual self again!

How to Heal Contusions in Starfield

Here’s how to treat Contusions in Starfield:

  • Use a Bandage
  • Use a Zipper Bandage
  • Talk to a Doctor

Where to Buy Bandage in Starfield

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The most accessible place to buy a Bandage is at Reliant Medical in New Atlantis. The easiest way to reach Reliant Medical is by using the NAT to travel to the MAST district. Once there, head up the ramp and then take a right. You’ll find a building with huge windows a bit down the path. Head inside the building and interact with the door to be taken to the Doctor, who sells medical supplies like Bandages.

Where to Buy Zipper Bandage in Starfield

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Another Aid item you can buy to treat Contusions in Starfield is the Zipper Bandage. This is like the regular Bandage item but gives you +150 Damage Resistance for five minutes in addition to treating Afflictions. I found the best place to buy Zipper Bandages is from Talia O’Shea from Med Bay in the Well. The easiest way to reach Med Bay is to take the NAT to the MAST district. Once there, turn right and take the elevator down to The Well. Keep heading straight from the elevator, and you can’t miss it.

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Where to Find a Doctor in Starfield

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Both doctors discussed above, Talia O’Shea at Med Bay in The Well and Alexei Lebedev at Reliant Medical, will treat Contusions in Starfield. Speak with them, and instead of choosing to view their stock of medical supplies, you can ask them to treat you. However, you will be charged Credits for the doctor to treat your Contusion, but he will also treat any other Afflictions you may have, making it worth the money. While here, I recommend you stock up on the most common Aid items like Bandages so you are well prepared when a doctor isn’t around!

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing Starfield on Xbox Series S.

- This article was updated on August 31st, 2023

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