How to Treat Lung Damage in Starfield

by J.R. Waugh
Starfield Lung Damage
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Did you get sick wandering the dangerous reaches of a distant planet in Starfield? Despite the warnings of the Settled Systems, did you overexpose yourself to a gas vent or inhale other dangerous substances? While this might have been more of a serious circumstance in the past, we’re in a brave new world, where lung damage is quite easily treated in Starfield.

How Do You Cure Lung Damage in Starfield?

The earliest methods to cure Lung Damage in Starfield are to use an Injector, Snake Oil, or visit a doctor like Charlie in Cydonia on Mars, or any Reliant Medical location. Basically, any items in your Aid menu that treat symptoms falling under that same yellow icon as your ailment will work.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You can craft Injectors and Snake Oil using a Pharmaceutical Workbench, no research is required. The ingredients are as follows:


  • 1x Metabolic Agent
  • 1x Membrane

Snake Oil:

  • 2x Metabolic Agent
  • 1x Chlorine
  • 1x Sedative

The majority of these ingredients you can find off various flora and fauna while exploring planets. Chlorine might be trickier to get your hands on earlier in the game, but there are methods to extract this, so if you’re still new in your playthrough, go for Injectors first.

How to Cure Lung Damage Without Crafting Injectors or Snake Oil

You can purchase medication from Reliant Medical locations such as the one at New Atlantis. Charlie runs the Reliant Medical on Mars in the Sol system, where you can speak to her and get your ailments and wounds cured in a pinch. This is good if you’re afflicted with a whole host of illnesses, and needs no resource gathering (which can clog your inventory.) Additionally, you can even buy items like Snake Oil off her for fairly low prices but in limited quantities, as a backup on the go.

Or, and I highly recommend this, consider keeping up on your crafting. There’s a pharmaceutical workbench across from Charlie’s counter, as well as one downstairs at The Lodge when you join Constellation.

- This article was updated on August 31st, 2023

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