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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Unlock and Get Incineroar

Incineroar joins the battle with this guide to unlocking.

by William Schwartz


Incineroar is a powerful Pokemon fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that can be unlocked through various methods in the game.  Incineroar can be unlocked through the World of Light, Versus Mode, and Classic Mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  This guide will explain what you need to do to unlock Incineroar in Classic Mode as this is the easiest and fastest way to unlock the character.

To unlock Incineroar you will need to have unlocked at least up to Pit using the Samus starting character in Classic.  This means you’ll have needed to beat Classic Mode with Samus at least once which will start the unlock chain of other characters that you can use to unlock Incineroar.

Completing Classic Mode with Samus will unlock Inkling, who can then be used to unlock Wii Fit Trainer, who can then be used to unlock Pit, which will then allow you to unlock Incineroar.  Once you start unlocking characters under Samus, any of them can be used to unlock the next character.  Meaning, Samus or Inkling can unlock Wii Fit Trainer.  Samus or Inkling or Wii Fit Trainer can be used to unlock Pit and so on.

Once you’ve completed Classic Mode having unlocked up to Pit, you will then get a challenge from Incineroar to a one versus one match.  You’ll need to win this match to permanently unlock Incineroar in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  If you lose, you’ll need to back out to the Games & More section and head to the Challenger’s Approach section to rematch Incineroar.

- This article was updated on:December 8th, 2018

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