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How to Unlock Original Kirby (or Kirb) Skin in Kirby Star Allies

This new skin is very difficult to unlock.

by Dylan Siegler


A lot of new features were recently added to Kirby Star Allies as the game’s Wave 3 update became available. One such new feature is the ability to give Kirby a new skin which resembles his appearance on the Kirby’s Dream Land box art from 1992. Officially this new skin is Kirby’s original appearance, but many fans have noticed the skin’s similarity to the meme Kirb, and have thus branded the new skin as such. Either way, here’s how to unlock this new skin.

First, you’ll have to play through the new mode in Kirby Star Allies called Heroes in Another Dimension, which also came with the Wave 3 update. Beating this mode once will unlock a new difficulty for the boss rush mode The Ultimate Choice called Soul Melter EX. More in-depth information on how to unlock Soul Melter EX can be found by clicking here. Soul Melter EX is the most difficult challenge that Kirby Star Allies has to offer, but beating it will give you access to a “Dream Button” that will appear on the Select Mode screen right under Story Mode. Pressing this button will switch Kirby’s appearance to that of the original Kirby, or Kirb, as you play through the game. Press the button again to change back to Kirby’s normal appearance.

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