How to Unlock the KFC Exclusive Diablo 4 Items

Here's how to unlock the KFC exclusive Diablo 4 items for each class!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Blizzard Entertainment and KFC

Are you wondering how to unlock the KFC exclusive Diablo 4 items? Diablo 4 is here, and what better way to celebrate the release than eating a tasty sandwich from KFC and earning five exclusive in-game items, one for each class? However, not everyone may qualify for this tasty promotion, and you can only earn so many in-game rewards through purchases. So here is an easy-to-follow guide with all the details and steps required to claim your Diablo 4 items.

How to Earn Exclusive Diablo IV In-Game Rewards from KFC


You can unlock the KFC exclusive Diablo 4 items by following these steps:

  1. Login or create a KFC account
  2. Link your account
    • Note: the linked website has been experiencing stability issues due to the influx of visitors. I’ve had luck doing these steps on my phone instead of my laptop.
  3. Sync your account your KFC Account to earn Reward #1
  4. Order a KFC Sandwich using or the KFC App to earn rewards #2-5
    • Qualifying products include:
      • KFC Sandwhich Combo
      • KFC Spicy Chicken Sandwich
      • KFC Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo
      • KFC Sandwich (classic or Spicy) + Nuggets Big Box
  5. After making a qualifying purchase, you need to log into your account and click the Redeem button to claim your items

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How to Link KFC to to Unlock Diablo 4 Items

Image: Blizzard Entertainment and KFC

Here are some other essential facts about the KFC and Diablo IV promotion that you should know. First, you will only receive one reward per purchase, meaning you cannot purchase five items simultaneously but must make separate purchases. This will cost you around $25 in food costs to earn all five items.

In addition, this promotion is only available for those who purchase qualifying products in the United States, so unfortunately, those outside of the United States will need to rely on your fellow Diablo brethren to earn limited-time, exclusive in-game items from KFC. Finally, you can only earn five rewards per account, so if you are trying to earn some for your friends from other countries, you will need to open another KFC account and sync that to their account.

- This article was updated on May 31st, 2023

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