How to Upgrade Ship Speed in Starfield

Learn how to increase your ship speed in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
Ship Speed Starfield
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Customizing ships is one of the most addicting features in Starfield, the new RPG from Bethesda. You can go about it in many ways, such as adding new parts, unique weapons, and even making a design straight out of Star Wars. At the beginning of your playthrough, you’ll start with a ship that isn’t very fast. This guide will walk you through increasing your ship’s speed in Starfield.

Where Can You Upgrade Ship Speed in Starfield?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

In order to increase your ship’s speed in Starfield, you must head to any Ship Technician found in major cities. Ship Technicians are generally located right next to the landing pad of a city, meaning you won’t have to walk far to find them. I recommend going to either Akila City or New Atlantis.

Once you reach a Ship Technician, speak to them and select the option stating, “I’d like to view and modify my ships.” This will bring you to all the ships you currently have. Next, select the Upgrade Ship option at the bottom of the screen, bringing you to the customization section for ships.

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Next, you’re going to want to scroll over to the Engines option and select it. This will bring up a list of engines available at this Ship Technician, which you can purchase and add to your ship. On the left-hand side of the screen, it will tell you how much of an increase in thrust an engine has compared to the engine you currently have equipped. Blue numbers mean an increase, while red numbers mean a decrease.

In other words, increasing your ship speed boils down to finding or purchasing better engine parts. While you can always buy new engines, you can also find new ones by docking and boarding enemy ships and looting their cargo. Additionally, you will sometimes encounter ships in space needing help, and if you do help them, they will sometimes reward you with ship parts. The rewards can include engines.

- This article was updated on September 3rd, 2023

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