How to Use Flames of Rebirth in Final Fantasy 16

Are you wanting to use Flames of Rebirth in Final Fantasy XVI?

by Gordon Bicker
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Final Fantasy XVI has many abilities for you to master and these are tied to various Eikons such as the Phoenix, one of the most powerful abilities for that Eikon is Flames of Rebirth. Of course, many will wonder how to actually utilize the ability in their battles if they don’t first know how to unlock it. This article will take you through everything you need to know about how to use Flames of Rebirth in Final Fantasy XVI.

How to Unlock Flames of Rebirth in Final Fantasy 16

Flames of Rebirth can be unlocked from the “Abilities” tab in the menu and you will find it within the Phoenix Eikon area. It will cost you 1695 Ability Points to buy but that price will all be worth it when you observe the sheer damage it can wreak on your foes. I would recommend playing through Side Quests and taking part in as many combat encounters as possible to gain more Ability Points quickly.

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It should be noted that you will not be able to unlock Flames of Rebirth until after the quest “Sunrise, Sunset” — this is very early-game and is a main quest. When you have purchased Flames of Rebirth, you will need to go to your “Gear and Eikons” menu where you can swap out an already assigned ability for Flames of Rebirth. Do this by pressing one of them and then equipping Flames of Rebirth instead.

Afterward, when you are in combat you can hold R2 and press either Square or Triangle to use Flames of Rebirth depending on which button you have assigned the ability to. I prefer to have powerful abilities like this assigned on Triangle so I don’t accidentally use them before I need to. You can also upgrade Flames of Rebirth for 2390 ability points and later on master the ability to equip it alongside any Eikon: Mastery costs 4250 ability points.

Best Ways to Use Flames of Rebirth in Final Fantasy 16

The Flames of Rebirth ability will damage a number of enemies around you but it can also heal Clive at the same time, making it a vital ability on the battlefield. I would recommend saving it up for when you need to either dispatch groups of weaker enemies quickly or for when your health is lower. The best way to make use of the healing from the ability is to use the ability when the lighter health color line on the bar is longer, since this is the health regain you will receive.

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Another effective use of Flames of Rebirth is to utilize it during boss battles but especially when your enemy is about to be staggered. Using Flames of Rebirth at that point will kickstart a great potential for plenty of follow-up attacks. Now that you know how to use Flames of Rebirth in Final Fantasy XVI, you can get back into the fray and take on the power of the Phoenix — turn your foes to ash!

- This article was updated on June 26th, 2023

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