How to Use Weapon Racks in Dwarf Fortress

Check out how to use weapon racks on Dwarf Fortress,

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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In Dwarf Fortress, Kitfox’s Games award-winning Simulation and strategy-based RPG, players are tasked with creating their own fortress and then making it grow by exploring the massive mountain, making or breaking relations, trading, and creating a wide array of buildings, structures, and objects, like the always handy Weapon Racks. Now, here’s how to use Weapon Racks in Dwarf Fortress.

How to Use Weapon Racks in Dwarf Fortress

You should be able to use the Weapon Racks by simply placing them in any Individual Equipment Storage area in the barracks. Once there, the owner of the storage will place their weapons there once they are no longer in activity for the day.

The Weapon Racks can also be used in order to increase the value of environments as demanded by a Noble. You can create barracks featuring the furniture by pressing Z and then heading to Barracks on the menu.

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Why Aren’t My Weapon Racks Being Used?

If you placed the item but your soldier seems to completely disregard its existence, you are experiencing one of the most famous/infamous bugs in the game.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to fix it as your soldier will prioritize other storage areas or even throw his weapons on the floor instead of using the rack. To counter that, we recommend the use of close-by weapon stockpiles.

Fortunately, the bug does not seem to affect the Armor Racks, which will still work as intended and thus house the armor of your army without a hitch.

Now that you know how to make use of weapon racks in Dwarf Fortress, don’t forget to also check out how to Parley in the game, as well as what your population limit is and how to change it.

- This article was updated on April 24th, 2023

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