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Infinite Cash Glitch Grand Theft Auto V Cheat

| September 18, 2013

Infinite Cash Glitch Grand Theft Auto V Cheat GameGuides  GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V has cheat codes, and a lot of them. Unfortunately, there is not an infinite cash cheat code that can be entered in the game. However, there is an Infinite Cash Glitch in Grand Theft Auto V that allows you to continually pick up the same treasure over and over, allowing you to bank quick cash. The process is pretty simple if you know where to go.

You’ll need a couple of things for this glitch to work, and it’s easiest to do it with the scuba gear. Although, you don’t need scuba gear to do it. The scuba gear will allow you to do it quickly, without running out of breath.

GTA V Scuba Gear Location

Infinite Cash Glitch Grand Theft Auto V Cheat GameGuides  GTA V

First things first, you’ll want to snag the scuba gear. You can find the gear in a dinghy boat in South Los Santos, near the docks. We’ve placed a marker in the video below. Once you get in and out of the boat, you’ll have the scuba gear. Get back on the boat, then you’ll need to high-tail it up the west coast of Los Santos by sea, all the way up to Blaine County. It’s a haul up to the top of the map from the bottom, but it’s well worth it.

GTA V Treasure Glitch Location

Infinite Cash Glitch Grand Theft Auto V Cheat GameGuides  GTA V

You’re going to be treasure hunting with the scuba gear, and looking for a very specific location. There’s a crashed airliner in the north part of the map. Using the video below, you can judge the approximate location of where to find the crashed airliner underwater. Using the scuba gear will give you ample time to explore the underwater crash site and set yourself up to keep scoring the treasure over and over without coming up for breath.

Infinite Cash Glitch Grand Theft Auto V Cheat GameGuides  GTA V

When you get to the location, dive down and pick up the suitcase. Use the video below and it should be pretty easy to find. You’ll want to keep an eye out for the glowing treasure on the bottom of the sea floor. Pay attention though, there are numerous trinkets at this crash site. We found a bazooka and machine gun down there as well, but we’re after the cash in the suitcase. Try to keep your character hovering on the location of the suitcase after you pick it up. I mean right on it, as if you were picking it up the first time. After you pick up the suitcase for the first time, switch characters and then quickly switch back. You’ll find that the suitcase is there again. You can do this over and over.

For more GTA Cheats, check out our Grand Theft Auto V Cheats page for more videos, codes, and tips.

GTA V Infinite Cash Glitch

GTA V Multiplayer Cash Glitch

Infinite Cash Glitch Grand Theft Auto V Cheat GameGuides  GTA V

Update:  This Cash Glitch can also be done with two players, as there are multiple treasure locations across San Andreas.  It’s a little trickier, because you’ll need to navigate your characters to the locations of the briefcases, separately.  But each time you switch characters you’ll get money.

You can see this demonstrated in the video below, with a new location that we moved Franklin to.  Franklin picks up a $25,000 case at this second location, and when we switch back to Trevor, he banks another $12,000. Getting the two characters in place will expedite the process.

GTA V Multiplayer Cash Cheat

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  • WCrasher

    i’m always amazed how people find out about this type of shit

  • Diamondblade

    What if you don’t find the dingy?

    • William

      You can still do the cheat without the scuba gear, but you run out of breath so you have to come up for air.

      • Johnny Knoxville

        You actually WONT run out of breath if you do this:

        1. Uh oh, breath is running out!
        2. Switch characters.
        3. Quickly switch back.
        4. Breath is replenished. Continue diving grab the cash.
        5. Switch characters.
        6. Switch back. Breath replenished, grab cash again. Repeat steps 5 and 6 numerously.

        • retards dess days

          or or ooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr go on god mode it gives you five min duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

          • Rockstar penalizes you for using cheats – including killing your ability to get 100% completion. This has been true since GTA: Vice City.


            David Dunning will be sending you a fruit basket.

  • Jeremy Clarke

    if you get it one time and leave will it respawn

    • Switch characters then go back and it will be there. Switch instantly though.

  • Xanaq

    Ok. I tried this. Found the money, then switched characters.
    When I switched back the scuba gear was gone and I died.
    How do you keep the scuba gear on?

    • bruh

      Just do unlimited health for 5 min. When you get the noney though come back up and switch, then go bsck down. The cheat for the health is(right A right left right RB right left A Y

  • Josh Ward

    The boat can be found in another location. Also if you stay on top of the suit case a just switch, then switch back it auto gives you the money if your on top of it. This will help for those of you who cant find the scuba gear. If you look on the map provided above the secondary location of the boat is, if you look directly up from the location he found it there is a bridge crossing the water….it also is under there. Im thinking it might be different for every game. But for those who can’t find the scuba gear just stay at the bottom on top of the suit case switching back and forth until you die….should get a pretty big amount….btw there are sharks in the water……:)

    • Dre

      where is exactly the bridge??

  • Marley

    Haha thats brilliant! It’s funny how somebody’s found a glitch and the game is only 3 days old :P

  • luke

    The case is not there…followed the same way u went. Think it could be a lil different for the ps3. I did find the boat and the scuba gear wich was also in a different place to your video

  • Josh Ward

    Update* was searching around the docks and there actual several of those boats. Found me a red one :). Btw im on ps3. The suit case is there along with a machine gun and RPG. If your having trouble finding the case in the spot switch characters then switch back and look around it should be there….sometimes its hidden in the weeds. Not ure about those having scuba gear issues, mine stays on when i switch.

    • Brian

      Any chance of a screen shot? Maybe a little more descriptive about where you found it. I searched for nearly an hour and found all kinds of guns and body armor but no briefcase to be found. I am on PS3. Thanks.

      • shanemichelle

        I was using Franklin and could not find the suitcase so I switched to Michael and there it was, I also have PS3. Hope this helped

    • Matt

      Yo where did you find the boats?

  • Josh Ward

    Also after you get the gear if you don’t feel like taking a boat to the spot there is a helo pad a few corners around that you can grab and fly to it

  • bill

    wow thx man it really helps :)

  • Brian

    Can anyone describe exactly where the money is at the wreck underwater FOR PS3!? I can not seem to find it for the life of me. I had the scuba gear and spent forever looking.

  • Joystik

    If you farm this for a bit and decide to do something else, can you go back and keep farming this later

  • plaintomato

    Hey all, the vegetation on the sea floor can change. I looked forever for the money case and couldn’t find it. Then I noticed the vegetation can change when some mushroom shaped corals grew over the RPG and blocked me from picking it up. The vegetation changes can make the money case near impossible to spot, or other times it is easy to see.

    The case is in the sea grass in the area right in front of the cross-section of the tail of the plain. The guns seem to re-spawn even while you are swimming around down there (the money case doesn’t unless you change characters…at least it didn’t for me). So swim back and forth picking up the RPG on one side of the plane and the machine gun on the other side. Swap characters a few times, whatever, the vegetation should shift a little allowing you to see the money case more easily during your swim between the RPG and Machine Guns.

    The worst that can happen is you stock up on a few RPGs.

  • Jason

    I’m sure that by the time I pick this up, Rockstar will fix that. Fail.

  • Bruce Cook


  • Mud

    Having a problem with this… can pick up the 25k case only once but get no money from it. Switch characters and the suitcase is there again but can’t pick it up. Help?

  • Sam Baker

    I think Rockstar just needs to make a money cheat that you can enter in since games back in the day and other games now have that code. It’s stupid not to have a money type in code in a game, it’s 2013, why work or do anything to get money, I want it NOW!

  • callmeoldfashioned

    You are doing something that doesn’t need doing by playing something that doesn’t need playing, what is the point of cheating? Do you buy books full of finished crosswords?
    I am not doing it for the end result I am doing it for the joy of doing it.

  • Bobby Joe

    Unfortunately both of these glitches must have been fixed with an update to gta. The suitcase no longer appears at all, not even for the first time :(

  • gta v master

    wtf u a fuckin dush

  • lucas matheus

    theusvi´m always amaed hon´t find the dinndr lucas

  • I don’t found the packet ;(

  • Ripper

    I have a question… I explored all the zone and didn-t find any briefcase! Why??? (I play with god cheat)

  • Shit


  • Jake

    Is this underwater cash suitcase glitch for people that don’t have online?

    • Jani Tamminen

      The suitcase does come up, just go to where it should be, back up to surface and quick save, then load again and dive down and there it is. AND even they fixed the character switch cheat, you can repeat the quick save/load and the case is back again!

  • Lewis

    It doesn’t work no more can rockstar patches it for fuck sake

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