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Injustice 2 Guide: How To Get More Gear

by Dean James


The big addition to come in Injustice 2 is that of a gear system that allows you to not only choose unique equipment to wear, but also get stat boosts in various ways. This plays a big role in Injustice 2, which is why knowing the different ways to unlock more gear is very important.

Each character in the game has five different equipment slots that are split between head, arms, torso, torso, legs, and then one an extra slot specific to that character such as Black Canary’s choker and Blue Beetle’s Scarab. Additionally, there are two ability slots as well and what are known as shaders, the latter of which are alternate costumes.

For each of these slots, you can choose equipment you earn in the game, which can be done in a few different ways. The first way you should do before anything else is to just simply play through the story. Doing this will earn you specific special gear that you won’t be able to equip until later, as the gear is ranked by the level of each character. You will also earn shaders by completing each chapter with the character you completed it with. Considering some chapters allow you to choose between two characters to fight with, replay these with the other to get that character’s shader.

By playing through Injustice 2’s story mode, you will also level up your profile gradually, which will also provide you with more gear potentially. There is no set timing on what you get, but you will get more gear this way.

After completing the story, you will want to move your focus to the game’s Multiverse mode. Try out the various challenges in here and you will get gear in some of them, with your chances being higher the better you perform.

While these methods provide you with gear sporadically, the surefire way to get an abundance of gear is through the Mother Boxes in the game, which are the games equivalent of loot boxes. You will earn Mother Boxes in the game for completing different tasks like certain Multiverse matches, but you can also purchase them with tokens that you earn in the game as well.

The Mother Boxes are broken down into five rarity types, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. These are split further into regular Mother Boxes and Guild Mother Boxes, the latter of which come from you joining a guild and having said guild reach certain requirements that lead to Guild Mother Boxes in return. By opening the various Mother Boxes, you will get different gear, with the higher rarity boxes providing more gear. The higher level ones definitely cost a lot more and are fewer and further between, but they are worth it for the amount of gear you get through them.

There is a ton of gear to collect in Injustice 2, so just keep persisting and you’ll eventually get the best gear for each character.

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