Is Arceus Coming to Pokémon GO?

The Pokémon GO Fest 2021 Ultra Unlock might delight players

by Kyle Hanson

Over the last five years a lot of the more popular Legendary creatures have come to Pokémon GO but not Arceus, the god of all Pokémon. This hugely popular and extremely powerful character has eluded players, even as later generations saw their legendaries added to the game. But with Pokémon GO Fest 2021 just around the corner, hints have started to arrive that have players excited. So, is Arceus coming to Pokémon GO?

Is Arceus Coming to Pokémon GO during GO Fest 2021

Obviously we don’t know for sure, as there has not been an official announcement. And yet, with all of the hints and speculation swirling around the internet some may be surprised if Arceus isn’t a part of Pokémon GO Fest 2021. There have always been hints about his arrival, as far as players were concerned. Some see him in every piece of artwork that Niantic puts out. But none have come to fruition, and so far there aren’t actually any big hints that he is coming. The biggest though is pretty solid evidence, as it’s clearly hinting at a big reveal.

The Ultra Unlocks for Pokémon GO Fest 2021 haven’t been fully revealed, but the info we have so far have players buzzing. Split into three parts, players will first unlock a reward based on Time. This will cause “Pokémon from various eras” to appear more often in the game. Next is Space, which seems to hint that regional Pokémon will be mixed up temporarily, though this too is speculation. Finally is the mystery unlock which only promises more details soon.

How this all adds up to Arceus coming to Pokémon GO is a bit of a leap, but it does make sense. It comes down to those first two Ultra Unlocks, which could indicate that Shiny Dialga and Shiny Palkia could be a part of the reward, since they represent those elements. And Arceus was the third Legendary in their trio, as his awakening was what triggered their conflict in the first place. So the thinking goes that if the first two Ultra Unlocks are for Shiny Dialga and Shiny Palkia then Arceus is likely the final reward from the third unlock phase.

Of course this is all speculation as of now, but it does make a lot of sense once you understand the Pokémon lore involved. However, many have pointed out that this could also apply to Giratina, though since it has been available a few times before it doesn’t feel like a worthy reward for Pokémon GO Fest 2021. But that’s our thoughts so far on the question of is Arceus coming to Pokémon GO.