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Is Deathloop on Game Pass?

Xbox players are going to need to wait.

by William Schwartz


Deathloop has recently arrived from Bethesda’s Arkane Studios and the game launched on the PlayStation and PC platforms.  Since it’s a Bethesda game, this has left many wondering if the game would be coming to Game Pass.  The answer to that we’ll try to explain in this guide on whether Deathloop is on Game Pass.

When is Deathloop Coming to Game Pass

It’s true that Microsoft owns the Deathloop IP.  When they purchased Bethesda this is one of the games that was in development.  However, there was already an agreement between Sony and Bethesda that gave PlayStation console exclusivity.  That deal was honored by Microsoft which also meant that Deathloop would not be on the Xbox consoles at least not at launch.

Deathloop is not currently on Game Pass either for the console Game Pass or for the PC version of Game Pass.  Neither subscription allows you to play Deathloop.  The only places that you can play Deathloop during an exclusivity window is on PC via Steam or on the PlayStation consoles.

So how long will Deathloop being exclusive?  Right now it looks like Xbox owners will be waiting until September 2022 to see Deathloop arrive on the Xbox consoles and for Game Pass on either PC or Xbox.

It’s a shame, Deathloop has arrived to critical acclaim.  You can check out our glowing review of the first person genre-bender.

Deathloop is currently only available on the PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam.

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