Is Druddigon Good in Pokemon GO? Stats and Moves Explained

Answering whether Druddigon is your Dragon-Type of choice in Pokemon GO

by Caleb Stultz


Any Dragon-Type Pokemon in Pokemon GO will be helpful for trainers looking to succeed in battles in the mobile game. With that said, Druddigon may be the best choice for trainers looking for an all-around Dragon-Type Pokemon to add to their teams for Gym Spots all around the world. But is it better than other Dragon-Types you can bring on your team in Pokemon GO? Today, we will be answering one simple question: Is Druddigon Good in Pokemon GO?

Druddigon Stats and Moves Explained

Druddigon is a pure Dragon-Type Pokemon with no secondary Type. It deals 160% damage against other Dragon-Types while being vulnerable to Ice, Fairy, and other Dragon-Types that deal 160% damage to Druddigon. It is also resistant to Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric-Types which only do 63% damage to Druddigon. Druddigon has a Max CP of 2,732.

As for its base stats, Druddigon is mainly an Attack-centric Pokemon with a base Attack stat of 213, a base Defense stat of 170, and a base Stamina stat of 184.

Below are the best offensive and defensive movesets for Druddigon in Pokemon GO:


  • Dragon Tail: 16.4 DPS
  • Dragon Claw: 35.3 DPS


  • Dragon Tail: 16. 4 DPS
  • Dragon Claw: 35.3

Though we advise against it, you could introduce move variety to Druddigon by allowing it to learn Night Slash, which does 22.7 DPS as its main move over Dragon Claw.

When thinking about using Druddigon, consider using it as either your Lead or Switch Pokemon because of its high Attack and Stamina stats. We advise you not to use Druddigon as your Closer considering its low Defensive stat. It is the ideal glass cannon to burst through the first or second Pokemon on the other trainer’s team.

Though Druddigon is not our first choice, the Pokemon is still a solid Dragon-Type for any trainer looking to battle.

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Pokemon GO is available on all mobile devices.

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