Is Ghost of Tsushima Coming to Xbox?

Sucker Punch latest unlikely to grace Xbox.

by Daniel Chae

Ghost of Tsushima is the latest exclusive to grace the PlayStation 4 and if you don’t own the platform you might be interested in knowing whether the game will come to other platforms like Xbox, or not.

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Ghost of Tsushima for Xbox One?  It’s not likely, here’s why.

It’s highly unlikely that we see Ghost of Tsushima for the Xbox One.  Sucker Punch is a Sony first party studio.  Despite Sucker Punch being located in Bellevue, Washington very close to Microsoft’s headquarters they are not a Microsoft Studio and their games are always PlayStation exclusives.  Looking back at the last decade of games from Sucker Punch we’ve seen no crossover to other platforms.  In 2009 the studio released Infamous for the PlayStation 3, followed up by Infamous 2 in 2011.  At the launch of the PlayStation 4 the studio released Infamous Second Son and Ghost of Tsushima will be their latest game since then.

Nothing they’ve done in the past or Microsoft and Sony’s current relationship indicates that Ghost of Tsushima will come to the Xbox One or the Xbox Series X.

If you want to play Ghost of Tsushima you’ll need to have a PlayStation 4 or a PlayStation 4 Pro.  Ghost of Tsushima releases on PlayStation 4 on July 17th, 2020.