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Is Persona 5 Strikers 60 FPS?

Good performance is always welcome in such fast paced action games.

by Victor Vellas


With Persona 5 Strikers around the corner, everyone is wondering which is the best platform for it in order to buy it for. Having multiple releases to both the PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch alike, does the game provide a stable performance to the console side of things? Let’s find out.

Persona 5 Strikers on PS4 and PS4 Pro

Starting with the strongest console of the two, PS4 Pro can easily handle Strikers at a stable 60 FPS, around the clock. Only in certain occasions the framerate took a very small dive, but that was only within very demanding instances, with thousands of particle effects at a time and countless enemies on screen. Don’t forget that Persona 5 is infamous for its unique and bright art style, and Strikers is no exception, putting some weight to this older gen console (well, it is older gen right now). The regular PS4 is almost the same deal, but with some more frame drops during occupied scenes.

Both of the versions include a Best Performance and Best Resolution mode, that can be changed through the settings at any time, so if you are worried more about FPS, simply set it to performance. That said, the game is so well-optimized that you won’t notice too much different in any mode. Something that we don’t even need to mention, is that the PS5 can play the game with backwards compatibility, and of course runs Persona 5 Strikers with ease at a constant 60 FPS, without any drops at all.

Persona 5 Strikers on the Nintendo Switch

It is without a doubt that the Nintendo Switch is an inferior console in regards to hardware, so some differences are to be expected. Unfortunately, the Switch can’t handle 60 FPS and keeps Persona 5 Strikers at around 25-30ish frames per second, with lots of frame drops when the screen is busy. This is a very regular phenomenon, since the game is a hack ‘n’ slash one, with Musou elements, so expect to have constant drops all over the place. No option to choose performance over graphics too.

With all that said, don’t feel obligated to get the game on the PS4, due to performance alone. Of course, if that’s what you are looking after, the PS4 is the clear winner. But don’t forget the Switch’s selling point, which is its portability. Having a smooth game session is of course crucial, but does that beat your need of having Persona 5 Strikers anywhere you go? It is also a complete offline experience, so there isn’t even the need to connect it to the internet. In any case, both versions have their advantages and disadvantages, so depending on what you want the most, proceed with getting the respective version.

Persona 5 Strikers officially releases on February 23, 2021 for the PC, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. Those that pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition, can jump into the game right now.


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