Is Rocket Arena a Free to Play Game?

You'll have to pay if you want to play.

by Daniel Chae

Rocket Arena is a brand-new shooter coming from Final Strike Games.  The multiplayer focused developer partnered with EA Originals to bring their debut game to gamers on July 14th, 2020.  While many are starting to get accostomed to big developers launching free to play multiplayer in recent years:  Fortnite, Warzone, Apex Legends all make money from microtransactions with no price to start playing.  Rocket Arena is NOT free to play.  There are a handful of ways to access Rocket Arena on launch day and none of them are free.  You can purchase a standard edition, mythic edition, or get access via a subscription to Origin Access Premier.

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These are the different ways to play Rocket Arena

Multiple variations depending on which version you purchase.  The base game costs $29.99 for non-EA Access members.  The standard edition costs $26.99 for EA Access subscribers.  The Mythic Edition, which features cosmetic bonuses is $35.99 regardless of the platform.  For Origin Access Premier subscribers this game is included with the service.

That’s not to say that it might go free-to-play someday.  Games like these are hard to get off the ground when it comes to establishing a player-base.  If the game isn’t successful out of the gate you could see EA pivot to a free-to-play structure.