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Is Spelunky 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Will Spelunky 2 get a Switch port?

by Diego Perez


Is Spelunky 2 coming to Nintendo Switch? Nintendo’s portable system is perfect for a game like Spelunky 2, and indie games have been flocking to the system ever since it first released in 2017. The original game never came to Switch, but that doesn’t mean its sequel won’t. Like Fall Guys, the game has been closely associated with PlayStation since its initial reveal, but it could still possibly come to other platforms in the future. At launch, Spelunky 2 is PlayStation console exclusive, with a PC version coming to Steam a few weeks down the line. Here’s everything we know about Spelunky 2 on Nintendo Switch.

Is Spelunky 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Spelunky 2 has not been announced for Nintendo Switch. The game is only available on PlayStation 4 and PC. However, Spelunky creator Derek Yu knows about fan demand for the game on Switch and wants to put something on the system. In a tweet from 2017, Yu said “Getting lots of requests for Spelunky on Switch! I have a Switch, it’s awesome. Definitely want to put something on it.” He then followed up with another tweet stating “I am working on new games right now!”


One of those “new games’ he was talking about turned out to be Spelunky 2, which was revealed a few months later. While the original Spelunky could very well still end up on Switch, Spelunky 2 is the more likely of the two to end up on a Nintendo platform because it’s the more recent one.

When discussing the Steam version of the game on Twitter, the developer also stated that they will “look into other platforms” after the PC version of the game releases. The Steam version of the game will be out on September 29, so don’t expect to hear about a Switch port until then.

A Nintendo Switch version hasn’t been expressly confirmed, but it seems very likely considering the developers are looking into other platforms. It could be a while before we see it, however. It has been closely associated with PlayStation throughout its development and is a console exclusive at launch, so there is probably some sort of timed exclusivity agreement between Mossmouth and Sony. The developers are “excited for as many people to play as possible,” so there’s a good chance that Spelunky 2 will end up on Nintendo Switch in the future.

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