Is the Finger Seal Worth Upgrading in Elden Ring?

Finger out if this weapon is worth your time to upgrade with this Elden Ring guide!

by Shaun Cichacki
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As you journey across the plains of Elden Ring, you’ll find yourself experimenting with different weapons, items, armor types, and more. Those who have approached previous games in the Soul-like genre with a Melee-focused build may be interested in trying out Magic this time around, as all of the rules have changed.

One of these magical items, the Finger Seal, is a great starting weapon for those who are new to the series, and for those who are looking to experiment with the game’s combat mechanics. But, is it worth upgrading, or will you quickly find something bigger and better? Follow along with our guide on if the Finger Seal is worth upgrading, or if you should leave it behind!

Elden Ring – Is Upgrading The Finger Seal Worth It?


For those first venturing into the world, you’ll have the option to select a multitude of different classes at the beginning of the game. Those who choose either the Confessor or Prophet Class will have instant access to the Finger Seal, as it is their default weapon.

The Finger Seal offers some great stats, as it starts with 25 Physical, 100 Crit, and 114 Incantation Damage, allowing you to get down and dirty with it right off of the bat. You’ll fall a little behind on the defensive end, as it only guards you against 25 Physical and 15 Magic/Elemental, but you’ll be able to pick up your losses in other ways.

However, as you continue down the path of your journey in Elden Ring, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade you Finger Seal, and this is where the true value of this weapon comes into play. Since this weapon does scale alongside your Faith stats, you’ll be able to not only throw some extra value into your character by leveling this statistic, you can add extra Incantation Damages to your weapon.

While the Physical damage this item causes doesn’t raise much when you’re using the Smithing Stones to upgrade it, you’ll notice a major boost in the damage that your Incantations are causing, which makes this a great weapon to pour some time and love into for those that are more fond of magic, than those who want to get up close and personal with some of the baddies in this game.

You’ll find a lot to love with the Finger Seal, and it is very much worth your time to upgrade, as it can carry you through a substantial portion of the game, without the need to swap it out for something different.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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