Is The Lords of the Fallen a Sequel?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

The Lords of the Fallen teaser trailer, narrated by Milly Alcock (House of the Dragon), was shown during The Game Awards. Are you wondering if it is a sequel to a game named Lords of the Fallen that came out in 2014? We don’t blame you because this is highly confusing, and we aren’t sure why they would name the game the same thing (they just added ‘The’ to the title and called it a day). Nevertheless, here is everything you need to know if The Lords of The Fallen is a sequel to the hit 2014 game of the same name and everything we know about it so far.

Is The Lords of the Fallen a Sequel?


Yes, The Lords of the Fallen has been called both a sequel and a reboot to the 2014 game of the same name. The original game’s publisher, CI Games, returns, and this time they are working with developer HEXWORKS. The Lords of The Fallen takes place 1,000 years after the original game’s events, and you will take on the role of a Dark Crusader whose goal is to stop the demon God, Adyr. The sequel will feature a world more than five times bigger than the original game. In addition, the Lords of the Fallen will take place in two parallel worlds: the living and the dead. If you die in the world of the living, you will rise in the world of the dead and have one chance to return to your earthly form.

Release Date

CI Games have given no official release date, but we know it will be sometime in 2023. However, you can wishlist the game on all game stores now, so you won’t miss any updates. We will update this guide once we learn of an official release date for The Lords of the Fallen.

Gameplay in The Lords of the Fallen

The Lords of the Fallen boasts an extensive character customization system with a huge selection of visual options and the option to pick one of nine classes. You can then design your character to fit your specific playstyle by selecting weapons, spells, and armor and upgrading stats as you see fit. You will have the ability to play the campaign either solo or with a friend using the online co-op. However, in online co-op, other players can invade your realm, which adds to the game’s intensity.

The Lords of the Fallen will be available for PC through Steam and Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S sometime in 2023.

- This article was updated on December 9th, 2022