Is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on PS5?

Gun Interactive’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an asymmetrical survival horror multiplayer game that allows players to stalk or be stalked through the decrepit homesteads of the Slaughter Family. After nearly two years of teasers and playtests, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is finally here, and many horror enthusiasts want to know when Gun Interactive’s latest foray into the world of licensed horror is coming to the PlayStation 5. Here’s when The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is coming to PS5.

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When is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre coming to PS5?

Fortunately, PlayStation 5 owners won’t have to wait long to play The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on their home console because the game is already available on the PS5. All versions of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre were released on the game’s launch date of August 18th, 2023, so anyone can play the game if they own at least one of the consoles it is available on.

The PS5 isn’t the only home console on which The Texas Chainsaw Massacre can be played. The game is also available on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and The Xbox Series X/S. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is available on PC through Steam and the Microsoft Storefront.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre pits two teams of players against one another in a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse. Four players step into the role of four terrified teenage and twenty-something Victims who must work together to navigate the rotting grounds of the Slaughter Family’s run-down estate before they are tracked down and murdered by one of three opposing players, who assume control of three members of the murderous clan.

Like many other modern multiplayer games, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre features cross-play support, allowing players using different hardware to play in matches together. With well-designed maps and an open-ended gameplay style that encourage players to experiment with new strategies and character builds, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an exciting and terrifying multiplayer experience that PS5 owners shouldn’t miss.

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