What to do With Bone Scraps in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

by Drew Kopp
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In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Victims are usually left with no other option than to run and hide from members of the Family until they can figure out a way to escape the property. However, Victims have access to a valuable resource that can be used to put up some semblance of a fight against the Family; Bone Shards. Here’s how to find and use bone shards in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

How to find Bone Scrap in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Victims start every round of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre tied up in the basement, where they can gather materials that can be used to stave off death and escape the Slaughter Family’s blood-soaked home after they’ve escaped their bonds. Bone Scrap can be collected from the piles of bones that litter the floor in various parts of the basement. These piles can flash a button prompt once you’re close to them, and the Survivor you’re playing as will usually tell themselves they should check them to announce their presence further.

As with looting lockpicks, you must play a short button-pressing minigame to collect Bone Scrapes. Pressing or holding the interact button will allow you to fill the circular meter that must be filled up to collect a Bone Scrap. However, pushing the button too fast will cause the pile to make a loud noise that can lead a Family member right to you, so you’ll want to press the button slowly to ensure the sound meter doesn’t fill up completely.

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How to Use Bone Scraps in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Bone Scraps are the closest things to weapons the Victims can have in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and they’re surprisingly effective. If you have a Bone Scrape in your inventory and are caught by a Family member, you can enter a button-mashing game with your pursuer. If you win, you will stab the Family member with your Bone Shard, stunning them for a few seconds and giving you a chance to escape.

Alternatively, sneaking up on a Family Member with a Boen Shard allows you to pull off a Sneak Attack, which stuns the Family member for quite a bit longer and can give you time to open an exit. Boen Shards can also cut down the noise-makers scattered across the property and dismantle the bone traps the Hitchhiker can set. This utility makes Bone Shards one of the most valuable materials a Victim can have, so pick through the leftovers of the Slaughte’rs previous “guests” if you want to protect yourself.

- This article was updated on August 21st, 2023

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