Kingdom Hearts 3 How to Block

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In Kingdom Hearts 3 there are going to be plenty of battles that have you facing a number of different enemies at once.  Taking damage is going to happen but it’s also best if you can avoid it all together by blocking as often as possible.

You can block in Kingdom Hearts 3 and you’ll want to use it whenever you can.  To block in Kingdom Hearts 3 you will press the X Button the Xbox One controller or the Square Button on the PlayStation 4 controller.  Blocking is easier said than done in Kingdom Hearts 3 and it’s going to take a little bit of practice to get the timing right.

It’s not quite as simple as pressing the block button and holding it.  You kind of need to time the button press, almost like a parry in other games.  If you press the button at exactly the right moment you will see a big blue shield bubble that shows that you’ve successfully blocked the attack.

The block button and block move can only be used while pressing the block button without pressing the left thumbstick in any direction.  If you are moving the left thumbstick in a direction while you press the block button, Sora will perform a dodge move in the direction that you press the stick instead of attempting to block an attack.

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