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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 – 0.2 Guide: How To Beat Phantom Aqua

by Dean James


Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 features three separate experiences in one, with 0.2: Birth By Sleep definitely being the most interesting of the bunch. The second area you visit in the game is known as the World Within, which we already provided you with a guide on how to navigate through this somewhat confusing place. During the World Within though, you will face three boss fights and this guide is here to help explain just how to be victorious in your three fights against Phantom Aqua.

The first time you face Phantom Aqua may be a little difficult for you, as she starts off attacking very quickly before you can get a chance to even find your bearings. That is why we have provided video of each of the three fights so that you can prepare yourself if you so choose. Essentially, the first two Phantom Aqua fights are going to be about the same, with her only having one health bar, though they may perform their patterns a little differently.

Phantom Aqua in her first fight performs one of three moves, two of which are offensive attacks. The most common of these are her streaking towards you in a side to side motion. At the very start of the fight, you may be too close to her and not be able to prepare yourself quick enough. Typically though, she will streak about three times before reaching you, with you needing to block by pressing square just at the right time to have it up before she gets close enough to hit you. If you do so correctly, it will block her attack and give you the option to press X to parry. You can risk the chance of trying to turn this into an attack chain of your own as well, but sometimes this will allow Phantom Aqua to get another attack in herself, so be careful.

Her other attack is the most difficult to avoid or block, which has her summoning four giant ice crystals. You have a few options here. The first is to try and dodge roll away from them, but the camera can pose some problems here due to it being near impossible to stay locked onto Aqua with her phasing in and out. Instead, your best bet here is to once again try to use block. This will require near perfect timing, though if you can manage to block say two of them and get hit by the other two, you should still be okay. Also, if you use your Curaga spell at just the right time, it should also manage to prevent one from hurting you as well so remember that.

The last move she performs is where she just walks, with a little phasing back and forth. This is her open phase where you can really lay into her and attack as much as you can. Sometimes you can only get in one combo, but others you can turn it into more. Just be careful to not let her go from this to the first attack mentioned above, because she can get a good combo on you if so.

The third and final battle with Phantom Aqua takes the first two and makes it a lot harder. This time Phantom Aqua comes equipped with three whole health bars and a number of new attacks to hurt you. Her basic attack where she streaks forward still remains, where you can block and then parry is still here, though she usually leads with another quick attack, but you no longer need to try and turn that into a further attack chain. This attack chain usually consists of her attacking you again with a slide attack and then splitting into three and shooting some spell at you.

At points of the battle, she’ll appear to be just walking to where you could attack her easier like in the other two fights, but when you try to hit her, she’ll split into many versions of herself where you have to find the right one. This is going to be pure luck, so start swinging at them in hopes of getting the right one. If you do, lay into her with as many consecutive combos as you can. If not, be prepared to block, as she will turn it into an attack where many of them shoot a spell at you from all directions.

Another new attack of hers has one of two lead ins, either her levitating in the air and shooting one spell at you individually or sliding towards you for one attack. Phantom Aqua will then split into four and start spinning around with ice shooting from around her. The goal here is not to be stuck inside of the area between the four when they stop moving and perform a strong ice attack. If you manage to be outside of the area, you can get a good combo chain on her if you are quick enough after it is finished.

The ice crystal attack is back as well, but it is actually much easier to handle this time. Instead of the four from last time, this time it comes with six, but Phantom Aqua sends them at you two at a time, with plenty of time between each duo. This leaves plenty of time for you to block each pair and can really serve as a good time to heal as well if need be.

The third and final fight with Phantom Aqua definitely takes a good bit longer than the others with less easy opportunities to attack, but she isn’t too bad once you figure out her patterns. Just learn that you can take a few hits here and there, and that Curaga is your friend. Also bring in any Potions or Ethers into the fight as well to help if you need it. When all is said and done, you will be done with Phantom Aqua and the World Within.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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