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Knockout City Update 1.2 Patch Notes

Many big fixes

by Damian Seeto


Update 1.2 has arrived for Knockout City, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

Developer Velan Studios has now released a brand new patch for Knockout City that should be rolling out today on all platforms. The official patch version number is 1.2.

The 1.2 update was announced a few days ago, and now it’s finally here. The main purpose of the patch is to fix a lot of bugs that both players had been experiencing before.

It’s one of the biggest patches that have been released for the game to date. You can read the full patch notes posted down below.

Knockout City Update 1.2 Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck on the match lobby screen when joining a match in progress
  • Fixed an issue on PC where most of the Graphics Settings reset to default after rebooting the title
  • Resolved issue preventing unlocking many PSN trophies in one game session
  • Fixed an issue for Switch players that would result in a crash with the message “The software was closed because an error occurred” involving specific player and Crew names
  • Matchmaking will ping more servers to better determine the best regions to use when matching players
  • Resolved an issue for Switch players, who could get stuck logging in after putting their Switch to sleep for a long period
  • PC will now allow all achievements on Trial accounts
  • Fixed a crash which could rarely occur when a player leaves a group with the game out of focus
  • Removed incorrect error messaging for underage players when using the user mute button
  • Fixed an issue where joining a group that’s creating a Private Match would send all members of the group to the title screen
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes after a completed private match, groups with a spectator would become stuck readying up for the next match

Misc Gameplay

  • Improved audio triggers of player ragdoll VO
  • Fixed an issue where Cage Ball would briefly appear at the feet of the player who broke out of it
  • Fixed instances of pass-reflects not triggering properly in cases of the target dashing or being in ball form
  • Improved handling of Ball form toggle option when player is thrown by a teammate
  • Fixed missing SFX circumstances on Switch when a player gets hit by a vehicle in Knockout Roundabout
  • Improved sizing of Taunt overhead UI at longer distances
  • Improved animation blending between movement directions
  • Fixed an issue of being able to pick up two balls at once
  • Fixed cases of missed Contract progression when an opponent forfeits
  • Players will now flash white when hit by a vehicle
  • Improved the timing at which a caught/passed teammate will reach Ultimate charge to better allow for a character throw
  • Fixed Taunts playing upon respawning if player was spamming Taunt before being KO’d
  • Fixed issue where remote players would sometimes see a different Brawler than the local player
  • Fixed instances of 2D Taunt animations not triggering properly
  • Improved LOD on balls held by players
  • Fixed an issue where all teammates would drop their held balls when a teammate entered ball form in close range

Geo/object Interaction Improvements

  • Improved instances of player clipping into moving geometry
  • Fixed moving tube collision in Concussion Yard where player could get caught
  • Fixed issue of player being forced to drop a ball when pinched between moving doors
  • Fixed issue of players being able to dash through level geometry at bounce pads
  • Corrected direction of knockback impulse when hit by a fully charged Sniper Ball or Moon Ball at very close range
  • Fixed rare case of ball being launched backwards when dropped by a player
  • Fixed case of missing knockback when tackling a stunned player


  • Improved handling and responsiveness of variable mice both in-game and in menus
  • Improved menu loading and transitions for Switch players in Performance Mode
  • Improved cases of delayed action handling when experiencing poor network performance
  • In-game mouse cursor has been improved to reduce lag behind the computer mouse cursor

UI Improvements

  • Improved layout of player options menu
  • Fixed issue of highlighting multiple blocked player options when using a controller
  • Private Match spectators now have the option to bring their group back to the Hideout
  • There is no longer a visual disconnect between the points displayed in League Details and the points displayed for Match Results
  • Fixed issue where scrolling quickly in the Crewmates menu would cause the selection to jump to the top of the list
  • Crew character models no longer slide in as the crew menu transitions open
  • Player currency details are no longer visible in the Private Match Team Select screen
  • There is no longer incorrect information on the League Details screen while players are loading into a match
  • Bank offers are now displayed for all countries with appropriate currency symbols]
  • Text to Speech is now correctly dismissed when pressing the open/close button if it is currently open

Social Menu

  • The Offline header now correctly displays on the Crew social tab
  • In-game rich presence is no longer cut off for some players
  • Resolved an issue where players on Gold team would not appear in the Active Players tab of some Private Matches
  • Fixed an issue involving how some platform icons were displayed
  • Extra banners no longer appear in the social menu

Icons and indicator improvements

  • The mute indicator now correctly appears on the player card when a friend is muted
  • The block symbol now correctly appears over a blocked player’s icon in the player bar
  • The join button is now correctly greyed out when the target player is in a server that’s already full
  • Blocking a player from recent players now correctly shows their player icon


  • Equipped Crew Vehicle SFX are now correctly muted in the Brawl Shop
  • Left and right inputs on settings menu options that have no left/right navigation no longer triggers the sound effect
  • Cancel matchmaking sound is no longer heard when a match is found while in a group

Customization screens

  • The checkmark no longer disappears on outfit customization when highlighting a different variation
  • Swapping characters will now properly update the green checkmark on the equipped customization
  • Hair color no longer changes when swapping through brawler slots and switching to glasses
  • Equipping outfits while scrolling will no longer cause multiple items to appear with a checkmark or partial checkmark

Matchmaking widget, matchmaking screens, or team select screens

  • Players who were just kicked from a Crew will no longer still appear as a part of the Crew
  • Fixed alignment for some Crew names on the match results screen
  • Crew names no longer appear in Match Results of Face-Off matches
  • Improved matchmaking widget text when creating a Private Match or Training
  • Player Icons of opponents now correctly display in the pre-match screen of a Private Match on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed an issue where the matchmaking animation would not finish in some circumstances where matchmaking was cancelled
  • Fixed an issue in Private Match team selection where players were unable to click the center slot with a mouse

Menu handling

  • The Nintendo E-Shop no longer opens repeatedly if players press A multiple times while attempting to purchase Holobux after previously making a purchase
  • Origin players are no longer stuck when closing the Origin overlay immediately after opening a store offer
  • Opening the Origin overlay no longer requires two enter presses after first try
  • Selection of item in the Brawl Shop are now remembered if you switch tabs to the bank
  • Improved handling of in-training mini-menu buttons updating states when another player joins their group
  • Improved Crew Logo selection in the Crew menu
  • Matchmaking widget now correctly reduces size for trial screen pop-ups
  • Closing the Report UI no longer backs out of the current and previous menus simultaneously
  • The Return to Hideout menu no longer persists if a player has it open when the group leader brings everyone back to Hideout
  • If group leadership is changed during a Private Match, the previous group leader is now able to bring their group to the Hideout from match results
  • Improved various player notification messages for group leave/joins, kicks, promotions, and un/blocking
  • Fixed cases of certain messaging becoming stuck on screen
  • Improved messaging to Spectators returning to hideout and players whose group invites have failed to send

Improved camera

  • Fixed camera jitter after player performs the flip and spin jump right after jumping on a bounce pad
  • Improvements made to the camera zoom-in when rolling or dashing underneath geo
  • Improved camera fade on enemies and teammates
  • Improved various Contract descriptions, and image updates
  • Improved wording for Training 4 tutorial text
  • Improved KO City ID searches with incomplete names
  • Replaced Mega Monsters Crew Contract with Triplicate Terror
  • Improved ball homing in instances of player entering/exiting ball form before impact
  • Improved targeting prioritization of closer targets where multiple are near the player’s center of screen
  • Various improvements to accessing player gamercards/profiles in game, and loading of player icons and crew information
  • Player inactivity timer will now pause on loading screens
  • Fixed MMR and matchmaking volatility not changing in cases of the other team forfeiting
  • Improved handling of sending or receiving conflicting group merges/joins, or crew invites
  • Fixed an issue where players may have their Street Rank erroneously displayed as 01
  • Improvements to outro cinematic handling when players forfeit
  • Fixed VFX sometimes not playing correctly in match cinematics
  • Fixed an issue where the menu could get stuck when scrolling Contracts while Matchmaking widget is in certain states

That seems to be all the patch notes that have been posted for the game so far. There are a lot of improvements so make sure you download the update before you go online. For more on the patch notes, you can visit the game’s Reddit page. Knockout City is out now for the PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on July 9th, 2021

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