Knockout City Update 3.10 Patch Notes

by Carlos Hurtado


Update 3.10 has arrived for Knockout City, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. Besides the improvements and fixes that came with this patch, soon Knockout City is going to receive a free Next-Gen Console upgrade offering up to 4k resolution and an option to choose between Performance or Quality Mode. Here’s everything new with Knockout City update 3.10.

Knockout City Update 3.10 Patch Notes


  • Brawl Pass Diamond Contracts
    • Upon reaching Brawl Pass Level 100, owners of the Premium Brawl Pass will unlock Diamond Contracts. These contracts provide a new level of challenge for Knockout City’s top brawlers, rewarding the top tiers of Season 3 Brawl Pass trophies. Once players unlock these Diamond Contracts, they’ll be unlocked forever, so you can complete them after the season ends.
    • Dev note: Diamond Contracts are meant for brawlers who want tough, long-term goals to go after. For Premium Brawl Pass players that have already reached Level 100, don’t worry, because these new Contracts should already be there waiting for you the next time you log in.
  • Improved Matchmaking Times
    • Most players should see some significantly reduced matchmaking times in both Street Play and League Play.
    • Dev note: We are continually monitoring matchmaking data and community comments to find ways of improving our matchmaking system. We know that queue times have been a particular issue, and we are experimenting with different approaches to bring those times down without having too negative an impact on latency and fair skill matchups. This is a weekly work-in-progress, so you can help us further improve our matchmaking system by submitting a Lag Report here when you encounter an issue. If you are interested in understanding more about how matchmaking works and why striking the right balance between queue times, latency, and skill is more complicated than it seems, then check out our blog, “Making Magical Matches: The Minutia, Math, and More that Makes for Masterful Matchmaking.“
    • Skill Rating Decay Update
      • For Diamond brawlers in League Play, Skill Rating will now decrease by 100 every week that the brawler doesn’t play, down to a minimum threshold at which it will stop decreasing.
      • Dev note: Previously it only decreased when a player logged in, so if a player got a top spot and then never logged in again, they could be hard to dislodge. We will be monitoring the leaderboards to find the right minimum to keep the top placements in the leaderboard competitive. Be sure to play at least once a week to keep your Skill Rating up!
    • Bots and Practice Match
      • Bots have been added to Knockout City for the first time. For now, bots are restricted to some NEW players in Street Play ONLY, and only for their first few matches. Bots will never appear in League Play, and won’t appear for experienced players (or even new players grouped with experienced players). However, for any players who aren’t new, there is also a new Practice Match option in the Training menu for anybody curious to throw down against some bots or practice their essential brawling skills. Bots are always marked with a new bot icon on their Player Card, so you know for sure whether you’re playing against another human brawler or not.
      • Dev note: We want to bring as many people as we can into the game and get them brawling right away–the DJ just loves seeing new faces in town. We think an effective way to do this is for bots to help them learn the basics in a controlled environment. We’ll be watching how this goes and comparing the results against new players who don’t play against bots. Writing AI bots is a tricky endeavor; they should be good enough to show new players how to play the game, but easy enough to let those players be successful and have a good introduction to the game. So, keep in mind that, for now, their behavior is intentionally limited. Who knows what they’ll learn in the future, though.
    • Deep Space Dispatches
      • Lore fans, rejoice! The Deep Space Dispatches now feature voiceovers in English, French, German and Spanish.



  • Fixed some issues that caused audio distortion with headphones plugged into an Xbox controller.
    • We know this has been plaguing many of you. We’re as happy to see it go as you are!
  • Fixed an issue with text-to-speech on Switch.


  • Fixed an issue on PlayStation that would cause the game to crash occasionally during matches.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing the game to crash on PC if the game application was put in the background or minimized.


  • Fixed an issue when spectating that could cause the camera to move to the wrong position when switching players.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be stuck in ball form if tackled when being Ultimate Thrown.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Private Match to start before all players in the Group have loaded.


  • In Concussion Yard, the “Save the School” sign will now fade when it gets between the camera and the player.
  • In Jukebox Junction, a beam will now fade properly when it gets between the camera and the player.
  • In Lockdown Throwdown, fixed some areas of the roof where a player being thrown could get stuck.
  • Fixed an area in Lockdown Throwdown where players could get stuck after falling out of a corridor.


  • Fixed an issue where the Matchmaking status display could overlap with the Event timer display in the Hideout.
  • Fixed a minor visual misalignment of the New Contract indicator in the mid-match Contracts display.
  • Fixed a minor UI issue in the Contracts screen that caused invalid text and icons to appear briefly.
  • Fixed a minor UI issue when viewing a Daily Items offer and clicking the keyboard shortcut to browse to the next item.
  • Fixed a minor UI issue in Deep Space Dispatches using the mouse to move the scrollbar.

Many bug fixes were implemented in this patch, the crashes on console and PC should be over, among the UI issues, audio distortion when plugging a headphone on an Xbox Controller and a text-to-speech problem on Switch. Besides these fixes, the game now will offer bots. These bots will never be on League Play and can be used on the Training Match options. Now, players can practice their abilities in a safe environment.

Knockout City is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Nintendo Switch. For more information regarding this update, go to the official EA website.

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