Last of Us Part 2 – How to Get Into the TV Station

You'll need to climb and explore

by Kyle Hanson

The Last of Us Part 2 features a few key locations you must locate and explore before proceeding on with the campaign. One of the bigger parts of the early game is the TV station, where Ellie hopes to find another member of the WLF crew that caused her so much pain back in Jackson. The game mostly directs you toward the building as you work through the early Seattle objectives, but once you arrive it sort of leaves you to your own devices. To help out, here’s how to get into the TV Station in The Last of Us Part 2.

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How to Get into the TV Station

Once you arrive at the TV station you should see some large stone platforms to the left. Before heading to them though make sure to explore the nearby van as there’s some valuable items inside, but once you do so you can continue toward the building. Here is the first place where many players get stuck, as the entrance to the main area of the building is locked up or blocked off. To get in you actually need to climb those stone platforms.

Walk past the van and toward them, pressing X to climb them all. Once you reach the top you should be on a large courtyard of sorts with a dead body in it. After looting the body just turn around and you’ll see a rope hanging out of a window on the side of the building. Use this to climb up and get inside.

And that’s how to get into the TV Station in The Last of Us Part 2. From here there’s a lot of exploring to do. Once you reach the top you’ll find another locked door. To get back inside all you need to do is slide along the side of the building toward the open windows.