Last of Us Part 2 – What to do With Superhero Cards and What do They do

What to do with Superhero cards

by Kyle Hanson

As you explore the fungus and zombie infected wasteland of the post apocalyptic western United States you’ll come across many interesting things. Roving bands of outlaws, zombies (of course), weapons and ammo, and superhero cards. The first few make a lot of sense, but that last one stands out. And the game never really describes what to do with all these superhero cards you keep running across. So to explain, here’s an answer to what to do with superhero cards and what do they do in The Last of Us Part 2.

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What do Superhero Cards do

Simply put: nothing. At least nothing that impacts the gameplay or how you should approach the game. Superhero cards are one of the many optional collectibles found in The Last of Us Part 2. You’ll find them all over the place, and many will want to collect the entire set. But doing so will simply earn you a PlayStation trophy and not much else…maybe pride.

Discovering the superhero cards is its own reward it seems, and that’s how you should look at them within the game. If you’re a completionist then you’ll want to find them all, but other players can simply grab the ones they see and keep playing.

What to do with Superhero Cards

Picking up a new superhero card by finding it amongst the rubble and pressing Triangle is pretty much the end of what you need to do with them. Once Ellie picks it up you’ll add it to your growing collection. There’s stats and stuff, but they don’t factor into anything outside of that card. Collecting them all gets you your trophy but you can’t use them or do anything of value with them.

So that explains what to do with superhero cards and what do they do in The Last of Us Part 2. Not the most interesting answer, but offering these optional collectibles certainly makes for a more fun experience.