Last of Us Part 2 – Where to Get the Bow

How to get the silent, but deadly weapon

by Kyle Hanson

The bow and arrow. It’s one of the most iconic weapons in all of video games, but it has an extra special place within The Last of Us. Offering a silent option for taking out foes while also featuring reusable ammo, the bow is the ideal weapon for any zombie apocalypse. It returns in The Last of Us Part 2, with Ellie able to wield it against infected and human enemies alike, but it doesn’t appear until pretty far into the game. Here’s where to get the bow in The Last of Us Part 2.

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Where to Get the Bow

The bow is found in the Hillcrest area of Seattle. While The Last of Us Part 2 does feature some open world elements and a specific section, for the most part it is a linear adventure. So you can’t rush here or hurry the process really. If you’re not in Hillcrest yet you just need to keep playing through the campaign, but be ready once you do make it to the area, which is a suburb level full of shops and houses, and infected zombie enemies.

Once you make it to Hillcrest you’ll need to make it to the hill and up the stairs, which features the first real hint you’ll be getting the bow when a dead zombie has an arrow sticking out of him. Climb the stairs and dispatch the zombies nearby the burned building then climb over the fence and into a backyard. The bow is in the garage, but be ready for battle.

Explore the house, making sure to grab any useful items (you can’t come back here) then when you’re ready go through the small opening that leads to the garage. You’ll be ambushed by an infected enemy, so take him out using the usual combat mechanics (I recommend a shotgun or melee weapon due to the tight area). Once he’s defeated you can claim the bow from his body by holding Triangle.

And that’s where to get the bow in The Last of Us Part 2. You’ll go through a quick tutorial here so test it out, and be sure to grab your used arrows afterward.