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Life is Strange: True Colors: How to Romance Steph

Here's how to romance Steph in Life is Strange: True Colors.

by Diego Perez


Steph and Ryan are both romance options in Life is Strange: True Colors. You have the option to flirt with both of them throughout the whole game, but you can’t seal the deal until the second half of the game. Despite the game’s focus on choices and consequences, your decisions involving Steph and Ryan won’t lock you out of a potential romance. All you need to do is make the right decision at the right time to start a relationship. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about romancing Steph in Life is Strange: True Colors.

How to Romance Steph in Life is Strange: True Colors

Before you can officially romance Steph, you have to wait until the Spring Festival in Chapter 4. At this festival, people give roses to people they like. Grab a rose from the Rose Cart to the right of the stage. Then, walk over to Steph in the DJ booth to the left of the stage and give her the rose.


Once you hand her the rose, she’ll ask to meet up after the show. Go check in with Ryan to get things started. Just giving Steph the rose isn’t enough to romance her, though. You’ll still have the seal the deal after the show. When you meet up with Steph after the show, choose to kiss her. If you choose to hug instead of kiss, your relationship will remain platonic.

Steph and Ryan are the only two romance options in the game, and choosing one of them here will lock you into a relationship if you decide to go through with it. If you would rather go the Ryan route, then check out our guide on how to romance Ryan in Life is Strange: True Colors.

Life is Strange: True Colors is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. A Nintendo Switch version of the game is coming at a later date.

- This article was updated on September 9th, 2021

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