Lost Ark Celebration Gift: How to Get the Terpeion Mount and Which to Choose

Check out how to get the Terpion Mount in Lost Ark

by Franklin Bellone Borges


In celebration of the launch of Lost Ark’s western servers, the developing team behind the game prepared a surprise in the form of a Launch Celebration Gift, which features not only a good amount of handy items but also an exclusive Terpeion mount of your choosing. With that said, here’s how to open the Celebration Gift and get a Terpeion mount in Smilegate RPG’s record-breaking action MMO RPG, Lost Ark.

How to Get the Terpeion Mount In Lost Ark

As we said above, you can get your chosen variant of the Terpion Mount by first opening your Launch Celebration Gift, which will give you not only a Mount Selection Chest, but also 1 Midsummer Night’s Dream Instrument Skin Selection Chest, 10 Healing Battle Item Chests, 10 Offensive Battle Item Chests, 3 Legendary Rapport Selection Chests, 1 Weekly Trade Potions Pack, and 20 Phoenix Plumes. Once you claim the gift, which you can do by heading to the upper menu present in-game, you can open it by going to your inventory. Once you do that, just open the Mount Selection Chest and select which of the mounts you prefer. It’s important to point out that the Launch Celebration Gift will only be available for players that log into the game until March 1st, 2022. To recap, here’s how to get both Terpeion and Terpeion of the Shadow in Lost Ark:

  • Log in to the game.
  • Claim the Launch Celebration Gift.
  • Open the Gift.
  • Open the Mount Selection Chest and pick either Terpeion or Terpeion of the Shadow. 

Which Mount to Choose

There are no notable differences between Terpeion and Terpeion of the Shadow, except for their color pallets and the color of their effects, so just choose the one which fits your look the most and remember, once you make the choice, you will not be able to make the selection again.

You can currently play Lost Ark exclusively on Steam. For those looking to start their journey with a little extra, you can also get the first batch of Amazon Prime Gaming rewards by logging into your account on the service and claiming them.

- This article was updated on February 24th, 2022

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