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Luigi’s Mansion 3 – How to Beat the Maid – Chambrea Boss Fight

Use your suction shot and Dark-Light.

by William Schwartz


After you’ve met E.Gadd you will be tasked with finding his briefcase which is located on the 5th floor.  Take the elevator buttons that you’ve just found and plug them into the elevator to take it up to the 5th Floor.  Here is where you’ll find E.Gadd’s briefcase, but not without a fight from the maid.

There are some smaller groupings of ghosts on Floor 5 but you’ll know when you encounter the maid as she’ll take E.Gadd’s briefcase and swallow it.  Once you’ve encountered her you will be able to attack only using a single method.

Use the plunger attack to defeat the maid

You need to use one of your newly acquired skills to beat the maid.  The Suction Shot allows you to fire a plunger and then use Suction to pull the rope attached to it.  Once you fill up the meter you can then slam the maid until she’s defeated.  However, you’ll actually need to chase her to a couple of different rooms to find her.

Press the Y Button to fire the Suction Shot.  The fill up the meter and press the Left Stick and ZR button.  Once the meter is filled slam her with the A button.

Intially she’ll move from room to room in a pretty recognizable pattern, moving through the wall to the next room.  However, once almost defeated she will warp back to the other side of Floor 5.  You can use the Dark – Light to find out which room she is hiding in by pressing the X button .

- This article was updated on:October 31st, 2019

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