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Madden 20 How to Strip Ball

Strip ball manually or set CPU aggression for more fumbles and drops.

by William Schwartz


In Madden NFL 20 you can cause fumbles or dropped passes by stripping the ball.  This maneuver can be done when you’re on defense and you’re looking to create a turnover or prevent a catch.  Stripping the ball can be done by pressing the RB button, but pressing this doesn’t guarantee a fumble or dropped ball as there are many factors in play such as the tiredness or carrier rating or catch rating of a player.

A good practice is to press the strip ball button as the receiver is looking to make a catch to prevent the catch from being made.  You can also go for strip ball when a ball carrier is fighting for extra yards on a play.  Going for a strip ball manually isn’t the only way to go about getting strip balls or causing fumbles.

How to Strip Ball in Madden 20

Xbox: RB Button

PlayStation: R1 Button


You can also set  how aggressive the A.I. controlled players are as well by making a coaching adjustment.  Head into the coaching adjustments by scrolling down to this option in the Play Filter menu.  You can select Aggressive Strip Ball settings which will give you a higher chance to get a strip, but the downside is that there will be a higher chance of broken tackles or face mask penalties.

While your A.I. counterparts will have a higher chance of missing tackles when aggressive is selected, this applies to manual strip ball as well. Going for a strip or a broken up pass will result in your opponent potentially breaking a tackle or getting a catch and run play.

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