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Mafia 3 Guide: Underboss Unlocks

by Anthony Decicco


Mafia 3 is a game about choices for Lincoln Clay. Will you choose to spare an innocent man, or will you gut them? Do you choose non-lethal or go in with your knife? The most important choice above all however is dealing out territory to your crew. So our Mafia 3 Guide will help you decide with a list of every unlock and it’s earn rate.

As each crew member earns from rackets you took over and territories you give to them, they will unlock more ‘perks’ for Lincoln. These range from new equipment, vehicles, or even upgrades to carrying capacity and weapons. The number is the amount of cash necessary for the current ‘Earn’ to unlock the corresponding unlock.


0 – Arms Dealer
30,000 – Screaming Zemi: Throwable Distraction Device
60,000 – Gunsmith: Improved Accuracy
100,000 – Operator: Shutdown Phones For Two Minutes
140,000 – Gunsmith: Increased Ammo Capacity
180,000 – Screaming Zemi: Smoke
220,000 – Gunsmith: Improved Stability
270,000 – Operator: Shutdown Phones For Five Minutes
320,000 – Screaming Zemi: Exploding
370,000 – Gunsmith: Faster Reload
420,000 – Operator: Kill Phones & Call For Backup


Vito Scaletta
0 – Consigliere: Stash Your Cash On The Go
30,000 – Hit Squad: Call In Armed Backup
60,000 – Mob Doc: Add A Health Bar
100,000 – Mob Doc: Add Another Adrenaline Shot
140,000 – Consigliere: (Inside Man) Locate Enemies & Collect Kickbacks
180,000 – Mob Doc: Improved Stamina & Health Recovery
220,000 – Enforcer Hit Squad: Heavy Backup
270,000 – Mob Doc: Add Another Health Bar
320,000 – Mob Doc: Improved Stamina & Health Recovery
370,000 – High-Impact Hit Squad: Four Man Kill Crew
420,000 – Mob Doc: Max Health Bars


Thomas Burke
0 – Vehicle Delivery: Vehicles Brought To You
30,000 – Clear Blue Police Zones: Cops Ignore Crimes For 30 Seconds
60,000 – Cops Nearby: Mark Nearby Cops On Your Map
100,000 – Explosives Supply: Arms Dealer Sells Explosives
140,000 – Clear Blue Police Zones: Cops Ignore Crimes For 2 Minutes
180,000 – Covert Car Theft: Steal Cars Undetected
220,000 – Clears All Police Zones: Cops Ignore Crimes For 2 Minutes
270,000 – Additional Explosives: Increased Capacity
320,000 – Clears All Police Zones: Cops Ignore Crimes For 5 Minutes
370,000 – Occupied Car Theft: Quietly Steal Occupied Cars
420,000 – Clears All Police Zones: Cops Ignore Crimes For 10 Minutes

There you have it, every unlock for every crew member. Who will you give a large portion of the city to? Who will you give nothing to? The choice is yours. Mafia 3 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Be sure to check out our other Mafia 3 Guide on how to access the pre-order bonuses.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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