Maneater – How to Fast Travel

Warp from one Grotto to the next

by Kyle Hanson

Getting around a normal map can be a bit of a pain, but when the map is as big and varied as the one in Maneater you’re gonna want to know the quickest way around. Featuring miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico along with underwater cave systems and other features, there’s a lot to explore here. Moving from point A to point B can often be the longest and most challenging part of any objective, but thankfully there is a fast travel system, it’s just not that robust. Here’s how to fast travel in Maneater.

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How to Fast Travel

The answer comes in the form of the Grotto, or Grottos I suppose, since all eight major areas have one of their own that you must discover before venturing out for other quests. Once you locate the Grotto for that particular region of the map, it will serve as your main hub, allowing you to upgrade your shark and take a minute to breath between battles. It’s also your fast travel point, offering a chance to warp from anywhere on the map to the center of the region you want to be in.

To do this just pull up the map with up on the d-pad or M on PC. Move around until you find the Grotto for the area you want to fast travel to. Once the cursor is on there you should see an option to fast travel, though it will be blocked if you’re in combat with any shark hunters or predators. Hold X on Xbox One, Square on PS4, or Enter on PC to fast travel to that Grotto, appearing there in an instant as soon as the loading is all done.

And that’s how to fast travel in Maneater. An easy way to get around, though not everywhere you may want to go.