Maneater – How to Heal

Refill your health bar by stealing it from others

by Kyle Hanson

If you want to be the true apex predator of the ocean, then you need to keep yourself healthy. As a fledgling pup of a bull shark, Maneater starts you off in a pretty shaky place. You aren’t the big bad shark that you might expect, and it’s very easy for you to take a ton of damage. Even later in the game, there’s always a bigger fish to take you down, dropping your health to dangerous levels. What do you do when this happens? How can you recover health? Here’s how to heal in Maneater.

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Hot to Heal

The answer is pretty simple, it’s just to do what sharks do best: eat. Sharks are known for eating anything and everything that gets in their way, up to and including license plates and other garbage. But in Maneater, there’s plenty of fish for you to chomp down on and every time you do you’ll gaing health. How much? Can you heal all the way to full? Sure, but you’ve gotta look for bigger and bigger fish as you grow.

The bigger the fish you eat, the more health you will gain. If you’re really low and need health fast, look for higher levels using your sonar ability. Anything level 6 or higher will be a nice boost and get you back into whatever fight made you need the health in the first place. Seals, sea turtles, grouper, larger catfish, and many more are great chances to heal a lot without too much effort. Just target them and chomp down and you should heal up pretty quickly, then repeat as needed.

And that’s how to heal in Maneater. A simple but effective method and one that really hammers home the theme and story of the game itself. Simple design, done well seems to be the overall strategy for this game.